I am an avid DIYer.  I come from a long line of folks who jump in, wing it and give it a go.  

While I don't like to admit I have type A in my genes, I know it's true.  I constantly fight the "make it perfect" voice in my head.  It battles with the "good enough" voice on a daily basis.

I grew up with parents that were constantly updating the house making it a home.  My mom was a jack of all trades who got the bug from her father.  My mom was a seamstress, painter, tile installer, wallpaper hanger, carpenter, organizer and above all a mad woman when it came to keeping her house clean. My dad kept his yard green and lush and filled the garage up with all sorts of gadgets.  I was always his little helper, handing off tools. To this day, he still tells me "it's good enough."

When Hubs and I bought our home, we jumped right in.  I painted, wallpapered and decorated.  Hubs planted bushes, took down trees and made way for a pool.  We've accomplished a lot along the way making our Pine Tree Home.

My first DIY project with wood was installing solid wood doors in our home.  I had called a handyman for a quote and about fell off my chair.  A trip to the store to gather up four doors, trim, box of nails and caulk was all it took.  I leveled, hammered, and sawed my way through it.

It's hard to believe it took me almost 10 years to get an air compressor and nail gun to make my jobs easier!

I can't get enough of home improvement shows.  I love to read decorating magazines. Most of all, I am enjoying blogging and all the friends that come with it.  I always sort of felt like odd woman out until I started blogging.  I am blessed to have learned much along the way and to be able to trade stories with people I hardly know.

I hope you enjoy taking a look around. I'd love to hear from you.  Drop me a note.

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