Camper Redo Reveal

We've been using the camper this summer and I am so excited to share it with you.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know fixing this camper up was a labor of love.

Welcome and Enjoy the tour!


Walls: White Dove- Regal Matte by Benjamin Moore

Kitchen Cabinets: Bases in Ebony Fields by Valspar and White Dove color matched to Behr on the uppers.

Kitchen Hardware: Hinges and Pulls in Oil Rubbed Bronze from Lowes. Glass knobs (already owned).

Curtains: Sewn from drop cloths from Lowes and trimmed with white pom fringe from Joann's. The rods are from Lowes in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The sink cutting board was spray painted gloss gray from Rustoleum and is not used as a cutting surface, but I use the gray drying mat from Lowes over it for wet dishes.

The sink and counter tops were in good condition and shinned up with some elbow grease and Bar Keepers Friend.

Flooring: Allure from Home Depot.  It was off the shelf and is peel and click floating floor system.
I really liked how easy it was to install.

Throw Rugs and Runner:  Target

A couple of my favorite things in here:

  • The cork board that I ordered from Amazon.  It came in a 4 pack of squares and I used one on the upper cabinet side.
  • The over the door hook where I hang my hand towel to dry.
  • The magnetic knife holder from Target and the colorful knifes from Martha Stewart/MACYS.
  • The new double LED light from Amazon.
  • The overall best thing is the radio & cassette player in the kitchen.  I LOVE listening to my old mix tapes!  There are speakers throughout the camper and it is the BEST.

Dining/Lounging Area

The dinette area breaks down into a twin sized daybed.  Most of the time, the bed is made up as I like to have a separate space to read/lounge/nap.  With the nice weather, we've been eating outside so haven't had the need to use the dinette table.
Dinette cushions: Sewn from Premier Print indoor outdoor fabric and sprayed with Scotch Guard fabric protector.

Bunting: Fabric scraps and my Grandma's doilies strung on jute rope attached with cup hooks.

Window Decal: From Lowes and gives the big window a "frosted" look when rock guard on window is open (which is rare).

Paint: Walls in White Dove and cabinet faces are in Beige Shadow by Valspar.
Bedding: Sheets are from Target and Quilts are from Homegoods.

Dinette Bases: Stained in Water-based Mini Wax in gray.
Refrigerator: Painted with Paint and Primer/Valspar in Ebony Fields.  The recycling and garbage cans from Target fit nicely in this spot.

The smallest room but is a step up from the bathroom that we had in our truck camper.

Vanity: Painted in Beige Shadow by Valspar. Antique brass pull from Lowes.

Toilet: It's new and comfort height with a foot flush pedal!  I lost the use of the drawer, but the TP fits snuggle in it's space on a tension rod.

Mirror: Existing, but removed the cheap wood frame and just used metal mirror clips for more modern look.
Shelf: Built from scrap wood and installed with L brackets.  There was a bulky medicine cabinet here that I removed.  Gray baskets are from Target.  Towels are Quick Dry by Martha Stewart/MACYS.
I replaced 3 floor vents in the camper and upgraded them to ones that open and close.  They were purchased from Lowes and work great.  They are removable for easy cleaning.
Shower Curtain: Target.  It's a fabric liner, but I hemmed it and so far it's working well.  Roller rings from Walmart.  Rod from Target installed into closet rod cups from Lowes.  This helps keep the rod tight even through transport over bumpy roads. Command Hooks from Target.
Barn Door: Made from Cedar Scrap wood.  Stained gray and then white washed.  Gate hardware all from Lowes. Magnetic catches keep the door closed when in use.
The bath vanity has a small storage area where we normally keep baskets with toiletries.  Lined with DUCK shelf liner from Lowes.
I never painted this spot next to the tub.  The shower curtain covers it.  I kinda like that it reminds me of the ugly print that was all over the camper walls.


Organizer: Shoe organizer from Target that holds ALOT.  Bugspray, flashlight, comb, hose sprayer, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.

Bed and Bedding: New Innerspring Mattress, Memory foam topper and Quilted Mattress Pan in Queen Short size from Camping World. (Love a new mattress!).  Sheets are from Target.  I used regular Queen size and they fit fine.  Making the bed is a pain because it's a tight fit, but glad to have Queen size.  There was a full size in here when we bought it.  Quilt is one I had and was purchased from West Elm.
Storage:  I removed the doors and framing from the overhead cabinet.  Backed it with beadboard and we store towels and clothing in the yellow totes from Lowes.

Curtains: Cafe Curtains from JCP that are trimmed with mini yellow poms from Joann's.

Roller shade: Vinyl roller shade over ceiling hatch from Camping World.

 Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Camper Redo!


Project Hallway: Beadboard

Thanks to all my followers who have helped me with this project! I frequently post on Instagram what crazy project I have up my sleeve and love to hear what opinions and advice you all have.
This project to update our teeny tiny hallway has been in the works for a while now.   It started with me installing a barn door, which eventually didn't work out. More on that later. I had previously installed wood trim about 3/4 the way up the wall with the intention of installing either board and batten or beadboard.  It stayed like that for years....

 While at Lowes for completely unrelated items, I picked up a few packages of their planked beadboard.  I debated if I should install it in the traditional way or horizontal.  I wanted something more modern, but still had that classic look.  With the saw going in full force, I started cutting and installing them this way.
 What is great about these planks is that they are light weight and thin.  The bad news is that there are quite a few boards that have big holes or that are damaged.  Buy more than you think you need.  I also bought their long 8ft board because I didn't want seams.
 At this point I was pretty much loving how the wood gave such character to the space.

 Here is where it started to look a little bit like a sauna room, but I knew in the end once I painted it everything would be bright and cheery again.
 I had a hard time settling on what primer to use, but all my IG friends offered tons of support. I decided to use a quart of Zinsser Bin Shellac in White and painted on one coat. I then applied a second coat of primer, but used Zinsser 123 Plus. If you do the same thing, make sure you use the Plus.
 The coverage was pretty amazing and all the dark knots and gaps didn't show any bleed through.  Because I was doing the painting on the weekend, I ran out of time and the primer had a full week to cure.  This was a good test though to see if anything started to bleed right away through the primer.  I sanded between each coat at this point too.  The wood has rough spots and by sanding everything turned out like butter.
 My top coat paint of choice is Behr Ultra Paint and Primer in Eggshell in White Dove by Benjamin Moore. I used this as well as Benjamin Moore's Eggshell in White Dove on all my trim, but it all depends what I have on hand and if I want the primer mixed in.
With the Behr, it's always a little thick.  I found, through trial and error, when I am painting furniture or trim with it, I do add a little bit of water.  Not much, maybe a tablespoon to a quart or so.  I don't want the paint to be drippy, but a little thinner.  This way I find that there are hardly any brush strokes.  I've used the professional paint thinners as well, but found that good old water works better for me.

I had brushed all the primer and paint I used on the beadboard.  I found that it definitely took longer than rolling it on, but the finish looked more classic and like it had been their for a long time.

The top coat was done in two stages, the first light coat going on in the morning and it took about 2 hours to cover the hallway beadboard and trim.  I let it dry the afternoon and then went back with a damp sanding sponge to scuff up any high spots.  The last coat went on at night and took about the same 2 hours, but I paid more attention to getting the paint into the cracks and crevices.  I didn't use a lot of caulk where the boards meet the trim.  My cuts were pretty close, but I found that I didn't like how the caulk smooshed into the bead part of the boards.  Right now I'm ok with some of the gaps.  We'll see if I go back to fill in some of them.
 The final coverage is pretty darn amazing and exactly what I wanted.  I'm in the process of painting the  upper walls and will share the final reveal soon.  Follow me on Instagram to see how it's all progressing.