Before & After: Camper Kitchen

Hi Friends.  I've been so crazy busy working my day job, fixing up our camper and, most recently, moving my Grandpa closer to our family.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm working on another new project of getting his new home set up.  More on that to come.
Right now, I wanted to step back and share with you some Before and After details from the camper renovation.  It's been tons a fun, a whole lot of work, but so worth it.  I'm a little sad that we didn't get to use the camper this season, but it's gonna be so great to "getaway" with it in the Spring!

I'll be sharing the Kitchen with you today.  Move a couple of steps in either direction and you are in another room, but check out how much some paint and elbow grease can transform this little camper.

This photo was taken minutes after getting the camper home and pulling into our driveway.  I couldn't wait to bust out the cleaning supplies and start tearing stuff out.  One thing I learned, even if you take stuff out and think it's garbage, like curtains, hardware, whatever...well, keep it.  For now.  I was able to transform some things that I thought would end in the garbage.  You can always junk the stuff out later.
We have pretty decent cabinets in the Kitchen.  The appliance were pretty clean but needed a good scrub down.  I removed the grease guard since we don't do all that much cooking inside on the stove and ended up spray painting the grungy cutting board over the sink.  We won't use it as a cutting board, but it's good for a counter surface. 

I primed the cabinet surfaces and the walls with Zinnser 123 Plus.  Worked great. I let it dry a day, then started my top coats.  For the cabinets, I used Behr Paint with Primer in white, which is color matched to Benjamin Moore's White Dove.  Satin Finish.  For the lower cabinets, I used Valspar Paint and Primer in Satin, Color in Ebony Fields.  I did not tint the primer for the grey cabinets, but it would have been nice if I did.  I was using what I had.  When I started out, I thought all of them would be white.

Notice that the rubber trim around the counter top edge is missing.  I took this off and spray painted in Satin White.  The trim was gently hammered back into place and looks million times better.  It was fake oak with fake brass accents.

When I painted the doors, I ended up painting some a little different.  A couple of them I lightly sanded, used a deglosser, then painted right on them.  The others I used shellac spray primer, sanded, then painted the top coat.  Both came out the same and I don't know if I would have wasted the spray primer.  Time will tell if one holds up more than the other. 
The doors were pretty beat up, but I didn't spend too much time sanding and filling in cracks and dings.  It's a camper!
 Here's how the Kitchen is starting to come together.  The ceiling was not painted, but was wiped down with soap and water and then with a lot of Magic Erasures. The walls are painted here in White Dove - Regal Matte in Benjamin Moore.  You'll see that I didn't paint the inside of the cabinets.  Yet.  Well maybe not ever.  We'll see if it really bothers me.
I love the contrast of the dark cabinets with the new floor.  The floor is from Home Depot and is their stock Allure peel and stick vinyl in oak finish.  It was super easy to work with.  Some of the tight quarters were a pain, but much easier than regular laminate.
 I installed new ORB hinges.  I found in the past that spray painting hinges doesn't work out so well for me.  I found these at Lowes and they fit the same holes in the cabinets and doors.
 How great are those glass knobs?  I bought a stash of them a while ago and was happy to use some here.  The curtains are the second pair I stitched up for this window.  The first ones were super cute pattern but ended up being a little to kitschy for the space.   The curtains are made from 8 oz. drop cloths from Lowes and I sewed on pom pom ball fringe from JoAnn's Fabric.
 Thanks for stopping by!  Below are some close ups of the cabinets.