Camper: Painting Fake Oak Panels and Plastic Stuff

Hi Everyone.  I've been so busy working on the camper redo.  Basically every night I work inside for about 4-5 hours and so far it has consumed my weekends.  I am having tons of fun, but I really am itching for it to be finished.  
If you are thinking about buying your own camper and giving it a little face lift, know that it takes a lot longer than you think it will.  Because it's small and and a tight workspace, getting in all the little spaces can be a little bit of challenge.
I wouldn't change a thing but thought you should know that it's most likely not just a quick weekend fix up.
Here's a little bit about what I've been doing along the way.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can see my progress and laugh at some of my misses!

First up.  I wanted to plank part of this wall where the dinette benches are.  I had left over planks from my TV Room.  I stained them with Water based Miniwax in Grey and was so happy how it looked.
Here's where the install got real tricky and then failed.  I had to use Liquid Nails.  All was going along just fine until I neared the end.  Then, bam, the stuff started pulling off the wall and falling off.
I stomped my feet and got real annoyed.  I then realized it was all for the best, even though I was super mad, because even this little thickness of the planking would have messed up how the cushions fit on the dinette.  So failure, but it was a blessing in disguise.
 I quickly wiped off the Liquid Nails.  Luckily it was still super goopy.  Later I went back and primed the wall and topped it off with a medium colored grey from Valspar paints.  Beautiful.
I decided to refuse the planks for the banquette benches instead!
 Up next was starting to cover up the ugly oak cabinets.  My test piece was the refrigerator panel.
I deglossed it and used Valspar paint and primer in one.  It went on like butter and ended up drying real nice.

 This is how it looked after I started to prime all the other oak paneling and cabinets in the camper.

 I really am pleased with how much a little paint and lots of blue tape can transform the walls and cabinets in this camper.  I am using Zinsser 123 Plus primer and have really liked how it goes on and sticks to anything.  
I found that another way to really make things look new again is to use spray paint.  The AC unit, speaker covers and ceiling vents were all dingy and in an almond color.  I gave them all a good cleaning and then sprayed on basic satin white spray paint.  I didn't even prime and the stuff went on wonderfully.

 I tried to reused the filters in the AC but I think they had never been cleaned and even though I washed them, they were still pretty bad off.  I ordered replacement filters from Camping World.  BUT....when they arrived, they were the wrong size.  Bah.  I ended up just cutting them to fit and you'd never know the difference.  
Ahhh, fresh filters=fresher air.
Look how nice and clean the spray painted AC cover looks!
I've been busy installing new flooring and painting every nook and cranny in the camper.  More to follow and wish me luck along the way.  Follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. You've really made great progress. It's been so fun to follow along with you on Instagram. Good luck with your redo!!