Outdoor Farm Table: Finishing the Table Top

Hubs and I had four, fun-filled, jam packed, work days around the house.  We tackled working on the yard and building a farm table for our patio. 
 After the construction of it, I set up to get it finished with paint and stain/sealer.
I decided to use Valspar Duramax in white semigloss on the base from Lowes.  We used this paint on our shed last year and I was super pleased with the quality of it.  I painted one coat, let it dry a day and then followed up with a pretty thick coat on the next day.  Note that the quality of the post legs and stud frame is pretty rustic so there are definitely imperfections, but that is the look I was after.  If you want a super smooth surface, you may want to use something other than the studs for the frame.
For the table top, I decided to use Cabot Australian Timber Oil in brown.  It soaks into the wood just like stain and only requires one coat.  I tested leaving the stain on longer and following with a second coat, but it became way too dark.  Fine by me!  One coat was easier.  I brushed it on the wood in sections and rubbed it off with a rag.  This product can be cleaned up with soap and water and I decided to use it because we had success with it on our cedar fence last year.  Time will tell how it holds up on the table.
There were a total of 6 boards and I stained the back sides first.  I let them dry a couple of hours and then flipped them staining the sides, ends and top of the boards.  I let them dry overnight and then soak in the sun the next morning.
Next step was attaching the boards together to form a table top.  This is where I deviated from the plans and am still figuring some of it out.
These boards are heavy and attaching them all together and then heaving the table top onto the base seemed a little much.
For now, I created the tabletop in two sections for ease of transport.  Once we settle on where the table is staying on the patio, I might secure the table top a little different.
(You can see on the left is the boards with stain left on longer.  
Boards on the right are with one quick coat)
Once the top was flipped over and put on the base, I couldn't believe how fabulous it looked.
Amazing.  Beautiful.  Exactly the look I was going after.
I still have to build two benches to match and fit on the longer sides.  I decided on chairs for the ends of the table.  I bought a set from BJ's Wholesale and a set from Lowes.  For the look we are going after, the set from BJ's is what we decided to keep.  Both were comparable in price and made of similar quality, but the one's from BJ's had a tighter pattern and the color went nicer with the tabletop.
Note that both fit the table height the same.
Remember, I built this table for less than $100 bucks!  The chairs were $70 each and I'm still searching for cushions and have to build the benches.  My goal is to be under $350 for the set.  What do you think? Doable? And where can you find a set that you love, that you built, that you smile at when you see it for under $350???!!!
Hope you all have a great week.  Back to my day job this week, but I'm giddy to clean up the patio and work some more on the yard next weekend.

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  1. it looks fabulous! i need to come over for some drinks on the patio now!

  2. I really like the white legs. It modernizes it a bit.

    Really, really nice job!

  3. This table would be perfect in my backyard!

  4. Wow! That is an awesome project, looks so fancy/expensive, I want to put my hubby to work making one for me! LOL! Nice work, love it!

  5. Now that's a nice looking piece of outdoor wood furniture!

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    I read your post and it contains very useful information. Thanks for this useful article.

  7. I've read about people having trouble painting treated lumber and it not wanting to stick. Did you encounter that problem in any way?

    The table looks great, very excited to build one for myself