TV Room Reveal: Plank Wall

The last time I shared my TV room was almost 2 full years ago.  I was all excited because I had big plans and they were fantastic.  That was until I lost the will to continue on. The room was a boring beige space and even though I bought new furniture and accessories, there was still something missing.

That all changed!  Say HELLO to my new Plank Wall.  Isn't it just be a-u-ti-ful?!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I love any kind of wood trim and a fun night out is trolling the molding aisle in Lowes.

Well, I really got the bug to fix up our "TV room." Do you have one? Some call the room a "den", "rec room" or maybe even a "living room."  We still use the term "TV room" around here.

This room is a rectangle, with two large pass through and very tall vaulted ceilings.  Hubs and I have toyed with the idea of expanding the room, or closing off one of pass through and many other ideas.  We even rearranged our old furniture more times than I can count.

I had wanted to do a plank wall in this space since last summer, but chickened out and decided to try it in the guest room first.  Well, few months later, I decided I was ready.

Off to Lowes for the planks cut from plywood underlayment.

I took my time with priming, sanding, placing the planks just so, more painting and sanding and then Bam!  I loved it.

Ready for some Before & After?

HoHum space.  No trim around the windows.

I primed the entire wall with white primer so when the planks were installed you would only see white between the planks.  I used Valspar wallboard primer in white from Lowes.

I purchased the wood from Lowes.  I used plywood underlayment and it was almost $20 a sheet.  This was near the back of the store near the power saw they use and the nice man Chris helped me load 3 sheets into my cart.  He cut 6 inch wide strips into each sheet.  I ended having almost a whole sheet left over once everything was installed, but I needed it because I had a little waste fitting in some of the pieces.

Because of how my window is placed on the wall, I don't have that many seams vertically.  I decided I liked it that way, but you could always cut your boards and stagger them so you have seams for a more rustic look.
 I did trim out the window like I had done with those throughout the house.  


Installing the planks was fairly easy.  I had marked where all my studs were and just nailed into those.  There are a couple of spots around the vents and electrical outlets where I had to use a little Liquid nails.
I used the same primer on the boards and it was fine.  I was a little nervous because I normally use Zinser, but it coated the planks well and didn't peel off.

I applied the primer with a medium size roller and there was no seepage into the cracks.  My planks are spaced apart a "nickel" width.  I coated the wood with 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint.
I used Ben Moore Eggshell in "White Dove".  I applied the paint same way with a roller.

I purchased the rod and finals from Lowes in walnut and cut it down a few inches to fit where I wanted to install it.  
I admit I was sweating bullets when I had to drill into the plank wall to install the brackets.  I measured like 15 times and in the end it all worked out.  They are installed almost 15 inches outside the window and about 90 inches from the floor.  
Tip: if you cut down your own wood rod, tape where you are going to cut with blue tape.  This prevents the wood from splintering and ruining the finish.  I learned this!

 The drapes are from JC Penney and I ordered the longer length online.  It is a new brand they are now carrying called Color Drift and this is the Diamondback pattern.
I decided to hang 4 panels, two on each side because I liked the fullness.  I am impressed with the quality of the panels, but they are not lined.  This didn't bother me because they are stationary.

The bamboo blind is from Home Depot and ordered it online to be shipped to the store.  It is a stock item though and was called Providence for the finish.

The rest of the furniture had been in the room waiting for some new accessories.  I had bought the TV console from Crate and Barrel few years back when we bought the TV.  Last weekend I wire tied all the component wires and tucked everything in the cabinet nice.  No more lurking dust bunnies behind there!

 The Windsor chair is overflow from the dining table, but I'm thinking of putting a comfy chair in this corner to round out the seating in the room.  Our seating consists of a leather side chair and couch.  They are super comfy and I like the color.  And SHHHHH, don't tell, but they recline.  I know sounds a little cheesy, but I'm not giving them up.

I'm on the hunt for accessories and pillows in some fun colors like maybe green or navy to add a little ZAZ to the room.

I can tell you after 15 years of living in this home, I now walk into this room and smile.  It's now my home.

Let me know if you have any questions and follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what I'm up to next.  Search Pine Tree Home.

Enjoy your weekend!

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