Front Porch: Decorated for Christmas

I can hardly believe we just celebrated Thanksgiving.  It seemed to be extra special this year as my family and I were just a little more "thankful" in light of all the devastation we've seen due to Storm Sandy.  My heart is a little heavy this year and I feel the strong desire to keep the holiday decorations simple.
I've always admired fresh greenery and decided to mix some in on my porch.
My cheap paint buckets from Lowes are filled with a couple of firewood logs, some cut greenery and twigs.  Simple, fast and cheap.  Love it.
This table got a remake with black spray paint and new scrap wood planking.
I love it here because the mailman tucks my packages on it or under it and it's a fun space to add a little whimsy for the holiday.
I scored this train from Grandpa's house during the big clean out.
 The table was jazzed up a bit with a wood embellishment from Lowe's.  I think I spent a less then a few bucks on it and it covered up the old nail holes.  
 I kept the decorations real simple and this door swag is actually artificial that I picked up from a discount home store.  $20 bucks.  How could I pass it up?  I bought two more and those are on our fence gates. I was going to add some gold ornaments, but then got lazy and didn't feel like messing with it.
 I also snuck a little stool that I snagged from our TV room and placed it between the two rockers.  There's another train too.
Hope you all are enjoying the holiday spirit and preparing for the blessings of the season! 
Who wants some snow???

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