Guest Room: Gray Paint and All

Happy Fall y'all
I've been spending most of my spare time redecorating our guest room.
Isn't the new wall color just dreamy, like you want to sink right into that room and take a nap?
It all started out on a whim over Labor Day weekend.  I shared with you that I picked up some wood at Lowes and decided to do wall planking

I'll be sharing more of those details, but I gotta tell you, this wall has a lot of texture and after a little indecisiveness, was exactly what I wanted for this room.

In order to completely transform this space, I decided to sell the furniture set that I painted last winter.  Good bye and sold to the lady who picked her up off Craigslist.  Be warned, you can get some colorful people wanting your stuff.

In the meantime, I tested out some paint samples from Valspar.
This wasn't all that tough of a choice because I tend to like warmer paint tones and the muddy one in the middle is what I chose.

While all this was going down, I simplified and cleaned out the closets again.  All of them.  Don't ask.  I don't know where it all comes from, but I sold some at a yard sale (Thanks Dee) and donated the rest.
Clean house baby!

The boring builder window got a little pick me up with some trim.

The wire shelving was torn out and donated.  Good riddance.
The closet it a work in progress, but I'm installing deep, wood shelves in here for my linens and blankets. I didn't need a hanging rod since I have plenty of that sort of space in my other closets.  And guess what, I'm never moving, so who cares that there isn't a hanging rod in the guest room.  
Guests, You'll have to use the hooks that I have yet to put up.
The baby blue ceiling is now bright white and I was so happy to see it go buh bye.
 I hadn't trolled through Marshall's in a while and I wasn't expecting on finding anything, but hello chevron.  I scored this blanket and it goes swimmingly well with my new Premier Prints fabric.
 If you've followed me through the years, you know I have a poor relationship with any curtain, drape or window treatment.  Usually the height of the rod is all wrong, the curtain or drapes just don't say "wow, look at me". I've found that I am drawn to simple window treatments lately and plucked these out of the closet.  I ordered them from Pottery Barn eons ago and didn't really like them at first because they were off white, not white as the packaging said.  I never returned them and thought I'd eventually put them on eBay or something.  Well, what do you know?  They look lovely in the new guest room.  They pop off the muddy gray walls and soften up the space so it doesn't look dark and modern.  Can anyone say Smocked ten times fast?
Rounding out this past weekend, I decided to use what I had and had Hubs carry an old dresser out of the basement.  I loved the clean lines of it and the solid wood, but the dresser had seen better days.  My original paint job wasn't the best and there was a lot of original wear and tear showing through.  I also hated the handles.
I ended up prying them off giving everything a very distressed finish.  Very distressed.  And I put on some new glass knobs. I used some black and gray paint to give the edges a beat up look.  I used a little  yellow paint in spots so make it seem like the dresser was painted one hundred times and with multiple colors.  To finish it off, I gave everything a quick coat of white and waxed it all up.  At first, I thought I would just sell the darn thing because I just wasn't sure.  You know.  Old Miss Indecisive.  But then a wonderful thing happened.  Hubs put it in the guest room for me and my eyes went wide.  It totally worked in the space.  Again, it tones down that modern feeling of a gray room.
 So there you have it. Go check out the "old."  I'm ready to make some pillow covers with my new fabric and wait for my first guest!


  1. It looks great! I love the wall color and the white works perfectly with it.

  2. Can I be your first guest?? I absolutely love your new room!! What an awful lot of hard work that went into it, especially your description of redoing the dresser. It was definitely worth it! Good job, Pine Tree Home!! I'm not really anonymous - it's JJJ from Whiting!

  3. You've done so much in this space! Nice work! I love that paint color.

  4. Wow what a cozy, comfy room! I'm loving that chevron blanket with your other fabrics. And totally, totally digging that paint color. I'd nap there... for like five hours... :) (It's so Monday morning. That's all I can think about. Ha!)

  5. It is so pretty! Love the combination of colors, the texture on that wall is awesome, and I really dig the curtains!