DIY: Horizontal Wall Planking Preparation

Send this gal to Lowe's for one thing (salt) and she comes back with a trunk full of wood.  Anyone else get giddy walking down the wood and trim aisle?  I swear I love it more than clothes shopping.
So I jumped in Labor Day weekend and decided to start a project with this little old cart of wood.  
 Do you know that half a dozen Lowe's workers asked me if I need helped while I was shoving this heavy cart down the aisles?  I told them I was exercising and I think they thought I was dead serious.
I had to bat my eyelashes at the lumber guy so he would cut me three sheets of 4x8 plywood.  At first he thought I was nuts and then asked me what I was doing.  In my nicest voice, I said I was adding planks to a wall.  He smiled and thought that was totally cool.  If he only knew what a pain it was going to be to cut my three sheets.

He had his thinking cap on though and cut the wood at 7 7/8 so there was no waste.  Each sheet yielded 6 planks.  The specific plywood I got was not real think, but not as thin as luan.  It was grade BC and was sanded.  If I was to do this again, I probably would get a better grade that is super smooth, but for the look I was going after, I'm pleased.
My salt and lumber (sweet smelling wood) were thrown into the SUV right after I texted Hubs a photo.  He just laughed with (!!!!) because this is not surprising to him at all.  I love this man who let's me try out all sorts of projects even if they sound a little hair brained.
 Once home, I sanded the boards down a little more and flipped them so the worst side was face up.  I primed them all with Kilz Oil Based primer and a roller.  I was afraid of some wood bleeding through so that is why I tried the oil.  My first time.  At this point, I really didn't have an opinion other than I though it dried a little more tacky than latex primer.  It could have been that it was humid out too.
 I don't know if I needed to prime the backs, but I just felt that I needed to.  If I was to do it over with the smoother wood, I probably wouldn't.  I let the rest of the weekend go while spending time with family and jumped back in this past week.  I ended up installing the planks in a completely different room than I intended.Yes my mind changes on the fly like that.  I'm glad I did though!  More to follow.
Did you tackle any crazy projects lately?  
Go into a big box store for one thing and come out with a cart full?


  1. Lol! You sound like me....changing rooms on the fly, picking up a project while out for salt. Can't wait to see what room you put this in and that must mean you kept the stencil?

  2. So cool! Thanks for all the tips! Can't wait to see the outcome :) So exciting. ~Bre

  3. You crack me up! I totally relate to going to the hardware store for one thing and coming home with an SUV load. Looks live you've got another amazing project going here, can't wait to see more.