Organizing: Clothes Closet with Huggable Hangers

If you've been following me on Instagram (pinetreehome) you've seen my love of these slimline closet hangers.
I have a very small closet in our Master bedroom that I share with Hubs.  My clothes are on the right and his on the left.  I've always envied folks with a large walk in closet, but now that I've straightened up and organized the closet, I am sooo happy.  Simplify.  Streamline.  Be Happy with what you got.

 I previously had an assortment of white plastic and metal hangers.  While my clothing was "color coded", it still wasn't visually pleasing and I had a hard time fitting anything new in the closet.  Most of the time, I washed and folded my clothes so not have to wrestle with hanging anything up.

Not too bad, but my jeans took up a lot of hanging space and the while plastic hangers started to break with the weight of my blazers and jackets.

Hello Huggable Hangers.  I found these in Target and ended up getting 3 value packs at $19.99 a piece.  I decided on the black felt rather than the white because I didn't want them to show dust.

 I took every single item out of the closet and sorted.  I filled two trash bags and gave unworn clothes away.  Everything else was ironed and all my other shirts that were in drawers or in the laundry room also got ironed and hung up in the closet.  Organized and Happy.

My jeans now take up less space and slide snuggly together.  And can you see that I am obsessed with black shirts.  Sickness.  I ended up giving some away because I was so ashamed I had so many.

 Don't judge all the black.  I must be channeling Mr. Cash or something!
So if you are thinking of splurging on slimline hangers, go for it.  Ask for them for your birthday.  Best move I made and now I am Happy with my closet.  Who needs a walk in!
I am learning to love my small house and finding ways to make it work!  Check out my last post on pantry organization.  That only took me over ten years to do.  Wonder what other closets I can transform?


  1. They're good-I used to have a bunch until I discovered Super-Grippy Hangers from MAWA of Germany, and now that's all I use. The Super Grippy is so true, they don't wear out (I found the fuzzy ones "shed" over time) and they make hangers for all purposes. They're stronger, and have like a 10-year warranty. I'm fanatical about my closet space. I tossed the felty hangers and put these Mawa hangers in, and the improvement is breathtaking!

  2. That is a beautiful sight! I like how you are making the space work. I've really got to try those clingy hangers, my closet is a mess.

  3. Love these hangers! I found mine at Costco for a steal. Aren't they the best?

  4. Kudos for your successful project! Your closet definitely improved. How about using wardrobes with sliding doors to save even more space?