Sewing: Painted Craft Stool with Fabric Cover

Happy July!  I've been sporting a two week vacation and loving life.  I've tackled some projects along the way and this is one of my favorites.  I needed a stool in my sewing/craft room and really, really wanted one of those trendy metal ones, but couldn't muster up the will to spend the $.  Check out how I transformed a $15 dollar bar stool from Target into my cute little tooshie seat.
I spied this barstool online at Target and found out they had it locally for $15 bucks.  I wasn't all that fond of it because it was rather boring and it was a little tall for the table in the room.  I decided to hack off about an inch.  I was a little nervous because the bottom feet were slightly beveled.
 I marked off an inch with some painter's tape and used a hand saw.  I probably could have used a jig saw, but to be honest, I was scared these little legs would get all chewed up with it.
 A light sanding and a coat of grey primer got this little beauty ready.
 I gave the legs a coat of Sun Yellow.  I did really light coats, but do you know the darn thing was still a little tacky 4 days later? I think because it's been so darn hot.  Good enough.
 I purchased some new fabric from Fabric.com.  It's a Premier Print called Rio in Sunshine/Natural Color.  (You can spy my new ironing table, which I'll tell you able later.)  I cut out a circle by tracing the seat and added half an inch all the way around.  I also cut a band about two and half inches wide to fit around the seat.  I ironed and pined the pieces together.  I used about a quarter inch seam allowance and tested it for fit.

 I then cut about a four inch wide band that I folded in half and ironed.  I pleated this about every three inches, pined it to the bottom of the cover and sewed together.

 I needed to add a little batting to cushion the cover and also keep the cover tight.  I cut out two layers of batting about two inches wider than the stool.  I went back and added two more layers.  To secure, I pulled tight and put in four staples rather than using spray adhesive.
 Here's the finished product.  For a split second I thought maybe I should have also used piping, but I think it may have added a little bulk to the seams and poofed it out a little much.  I'm a sucker for piping so we'll see.  Maybe I'll change my mind.  For now, I love the little seat with it's fun fabric and paint!

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  1. Very creative! The fabric is cute and you did a great job painting it. Great transformation!