Organizing: Kitchen Pantry with Shelving

I've been putting off this little update for months, years even, but in one of those I have to do this, I don't care that I'm in my pajamas all day moments, I tackled it.
I completely organized my pantry. I already had some shelving in there, but I had tons of wasted space.
Here's the before picture.  While I had lots of handy organizers like the turntables and can shelves, it was still sort of a mess.  See all that space above the ketchup on the top shelf? Prime real estate.
I had the white shelving laying around in the basement, but they were too wide for the closet. Hubs helped me cut them down on the table saw and install the tracks.  Instant gratification.  I started going through all the canned goods and every single thing that was in the closet.  Out to the garbage went expired items and anything that was unopened, but something I knew we wouldn't use, was donated.
I had a case of the Ball Mason jars in the basement and decided to use them to my benefit of creating a visually pleasing pantry.  All of my dry beans, nuts, snack type stuff went into the large jars.  The smaller jars have baking essentials like baking soda, etc.  I bought the larger glass jars at Target for my pasta noodles.

 The turntables were reused, but I purchased most of them at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.  The clear box was from Target and it neatly keeps my lasagna, spaghetti noodles and rice in one spot.
 This little wire pocket was from Lowe's and it keeps my salad dressing mix, flavor packets and dry soups in a neat little place.
 Ball has these new labels that easily come off.  I picked up some and used them to label my glass jars.  No there is absolutely no question what is inside.

 These wire bins were from Walmart and were in the pantry before, but they were always flowing over.  Now this is a spot for bread and crackers and we know just where to go for them.
 Overflow water and drinks was put into a tote that can be brought over to the fridge.  Paper towels and napkins now have a home.  The white stackable bins were from Walmart and are back in use for my garbage bags, potatoes, onions and overflow baking supply.  The fire extinguisher is within easy reach now.
Tell me how you keep your food organized in your kitchen!  I can't believe how much room I gained in my other cabinets just by organizing this one space. 

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  1. Your pantry looks great. Boy, do I need to do a little organizing myself. I am doing an unofficial pantry challenge for the next few weeks and challenging myself to by no groceries except bread, milk and necessities like that.

    Have a great upcoming weekend.

  2. Wow...your pantry looks great and it sure can hold a lot! I'm lucky to have a lot of cabinet space but I am still running all over the kitchen looking for things. Nice to have it all in one place. You did a wonderful job! :)


  3. Fabulous job! I have to do this with my gross pantry too. As for the hangers in my dressing room, I love them! I like how they are very slim and grab the tops well with the fuzzy velvet surface. And you can't beat the looks, I do wish I had waited to get some though, after I bought the black ones all these fun colors came out....I could've had hot pink ones. Oh well!

  4. OMG - this is SO amazing! I would love to be this organized in my pantry, but so much of the space is taken by kitchen gadgets. This project turned out great.

  5. This turned out so well - I love how you streamlined everything. I wish my pantry would look this organized, but so much of the space is taken up by kitchen gadgets. Nice job here!

  6. Amazing, you can see everything and nothing is blocked. I bet it will stay that way too....so, are you for hire??