Quick Fix with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

So are you like me? Do you have tons of little things around the house you want to do, but just think you don't have the time. My pet peeve is grubby doors and I have plenty of them. Painted white doors are the worst.  They show everything and why is it that we don't use the handle like we are supposed to?  Shove the door shut.  And what? Do we walk around with gross, grubby hands that make those disgusting marks on the door.  I blame it on the invisible dirt monster that likes to create a mess while I am sleeping.  That's my excuse for a messy house.  I can't blame it on kids because I don't have any.

So embarrassing! Many months of starring at this gross basement door and I whipped out one of my trusty Magic Erasers.  I buy these things in the big box store by the boatloads.  Some elbow grease and about 3 minutes of my time and the door looks fab.  Why didn't I do it sooner?  What do you have on your list that you want to tackle and in the back of you mind you know it will only take minutes?


  1. I love magic erasers, I just used them to clean the grossness off our tub!

  2. One of those strange things about life - little jobs that would only take a minute but we leave them for so long.. Magic Erasers are wonderful. I use them everywhere. They're great on the shower glass and for the bath. Have a lovely weekend.. Rachael xx