Organizing: Paperwork

Hi All.  Happy Summer!  
Been crazy busy around these parts but wanted to pop in with a recent quick fix for paperwork.
We have two businesses in this household that are a require keeping mucho papers for taxes, record keeping etc.
While I use the binder system for many of our household stuff and the paper pockets for manuals, I needed a place to store current year paperwork for the businesses.  A place that was easy to access and something that Hubs wouldn't rifle through haphazardly.  Remember, I am a piler, and don't find joy in filing anything.

I found these stand up folders at Staples in the Martha Stewart line and knew they'd be perfect to fit into one magazine file (from Ikea).  

Martha carries the folders in fun colors with matching labels.  I'd love to figure out how to use some in my laser printer and use some cool fonts, but for now, I used a good old Sharpie to write on them. 

I kept the categories simple, Advertising, Expenses, Taxes and Checking.  So far, so good.  Paperwork goes in and Hubs knows exactly where to find everything.  At tax time, I'll know where to find the goods and it will all be neatly organized.  What's your trick for paperwork?


  1. Hello very good your idea, I used to group them into a folder, but the sequence completely lost. Now that I return to the organization of the paper I will consider your idea. Well, I like them all at hand and by categories. Thank you very much for that idea.
    Greetings Dedes Venezuela

  2. I like your solution for a piler (not a filer)! It keeps everything out in the open. I would love for you to come link up to our Organize Your Paper Party!