Organizing: Manuals

I don't know about you but dealing with household paper is a real problem around here.  It morphs into a mountain before I know it.  I was turned on to the Martha Stewart line at Staples by Ashli.  Nothing genius from Martha, but these pocket organizers have made life easier around my home.

 I've been using my binder system for most household paperwork and keep many of our manuals in specific binders, but I found that doesn't work for everything.
For example, in the pool house, there are some manuals that I want accessible and don't want to have to walk back to the house, upstairs to the office and pull out a binder.  Instead, storing all pool house related manuals, well, in the "pool house" makes sense.

So, a blank white interior cabinet door received a makeover with a little Martha.
 Instant gratification.
 I've even used these pockets in the laundry room for my washer and dryer manual.  No better place then stuck to the side on the machine.
 The best use ever is to contain all the take out menus.  Hubs and I know where they are in the kitchen island and love how tidy they are behind the cabinet door. 
Simple Things.  How do you contain the paper monster?


  1. Love that pocket idea to keep the manuals near the item. Since we moved and got some new appliances and other things, right now they are in a neat stack inside one of the kitchen cabinets. I'd like to see about doing this though. Take-out menus I keep in a thin binder labeled "Take Out Menus", sectioned off into "Italian", "Chinese" and "Misc", since we are always looking for that "perfect" pizza or Chinese food. We used to have them in a drawer just binder clipped together, but the binder makes it easier to read each menu.

  2. What a great idea! Especially it seems you can never find the manual when something breaks, or at least that is what happens at our home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. i like the idea of keeping manuals near the item, too. less cluttered that way. want to come organize me!?

  4. Organization done easy! Convenient too, good stuff Martha. Hahaha.

    -Tony Salmeron

  5. This is a great idea! I've got mine all together in an accordion folder but you have to go hunt for them when you need them. How smart to store them right where you would use them!

  6. Cool!!! I'm going to look for those. My husband is constantly asking me for a paper that goes with something. I have them in two files on a bookcase nearby. He can't handle it. This may be better.