NJ: Liberty State Park, Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

Hubs and I have been sporting a week long vacation tooling around various towns.  We headed up to Liberty State Park in NJ this week and brought Grandpa along.  Come to find out, he'd never been to see the Statue or Ellis Island.  He'll be 90 this year and is sharp as a whip.  He remembers so many details and loves to talk about his journeys while in the Navy.  He was the man on the ship that did S.O.S and translated messages.  
We had a great time having lunch in the park.  We brought subs from our very favorite sandwich shop, Tastee Subs. We took the ferry over to Ellis Island, checked out a few exhibits, found our ancestors names on the wall and battled the cattle crowds of people. Grandpa's father came over from Italy when he was twelve years old, by himself, and ended up staying at Ellis Island for about two weeks before any family knew he was there and came and got him.  Amazing to hear that.

The day was beautiful and I was lucky enough to capture some great images.
Below is a view from the ferry of the Freedom tower being built in NYC.
This was outside the ferry loading dock and old access bridges.
There was an old building that used to run the trains in and out of.  There were a total of 20 tracks and I loved seeing the Blue Comet track as is traveled my hometown.
Lady Liberty in all her glory.
View of NYC traveling back to dock.
This is the building with the tracks and where you board the ferry from the NJ side.
Ellis Island view from the ferry.
Amazing masonry on the buildings at Ellis Island.
Hubs and Grandpa waiting in line to board the next ferry.
This was our gal who took us back to dock.
When you get off the ferry, there is a memorial for the victims of 9/11 and this view would have shown where the Twin Towers would have stood.
I'm so glad I was able to share some time and sights with my Grandpa and happy to know he enjoyed our trip together.


  1. Thanks for the tour! It's hard to imagine I've never been there.

    The best part is that you took your grandpa along for the day. I love that.

  2. You took some beautiful pictures that day. Since my son is now living in Manhattan, we took the ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty recently and it is so interesting. Good reminders of this great country we live in. So lovely for you to take your Grandpa with you for the day.
    Mary Alice

  3. Beautiful pictures! I think it would be pretty cool to hear your Grandpa's stories especially since he has such a connection to Ellis Island. I'm hoping that we can visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island if we go back to NY.