Sewing: Drop Cloth Box Cushions

Happy. Happy. Happy. Do you all watch Duck Dynasty?  Well I'm hooked.  I've been saying Happy. Happy. Happy. for a few days now while I worked on my rattan sofa cushions.  Note that it hasn't been all rosy.  The seam ripper has become my new best friend again.

Last year I bought a rattan set off Craigslist and jumped in to recovering the cushions.  Fast forward a few months and I didn't like the fabric I picked out.  One was a stripe.  What was I thinking?  Beginner sewer like me trying to match up stripes. Not good.  You can see the progression.  Ugly floral that came with the sofa cushions.  Then green stripe with contrasting piping.  Time to move on.

So I decided to ditch it all and go to the trusty drop clothes.  Here is a lesson learned.  Check the brand.  I bought two at my local hardware store, followed all my friends in blogland and triple washed them.  Well, turns out these specific drop clothes had some sort of water repellent on them and the stuff gunked up my iron.  Seriously.  Annoying.  I then I had to scour the internet trying to find out how to clean the stuff off my iron.  I tried Goo Off, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, you name it.  What ended up working?
Magic Erasure.  Soaked that little white gem and rubbed the hot iron over it a thousand times.  An arm work out, but it got my iron clean.

Fast forward and I went to Lowes to purchase 4 matching drop clothes.  Buy more than you need.  Be warned.  One of the darn things had a totally different color patch sewn right down the middle.  Annoying.  But hey, they are cheap enough so make sure you buy extra.

I am moving on to cushion # 3.  It hasn't been easy, nor fun, but I'm Happy. Happy. Happy. now.
I decided to give the old box cushion a try again and like it so much more than the original pattern.  Onward to making more cushions.  Catch you later.  Be Happy. Happy. Happy.


  1. you are so brave. i sewed drop cloth slipcovers for my couch and loveseat. you can see it here if you want:


    but, i love how you added the piping. i was too lazy to do that, but i wish i would have. it does add to the overall look. my slipcovers was super well--i even bleach 'em and they come out looking great!

    nice work!! it's going to look great when it's all done!!

  2. First of all we have to clear something up! You cannot refer to yourself as a '''beginning" sewer. I've seen far to many of your amazing projects to let you get away with that! Your drop cloth cushions turned out fantastic, professional actually. I never thought of using drop cloth fabric, so smart!