Koi Pond and Spring Garden Views

Hope you all are enjoying a busy weekend. 
Hubs has been working like a crazy person getting the yard into shape.  
Every year he spends a couple of weeks tending to the gardens, planting flowers, spreading mulch and then when Memorial Weekend rolls around he puts his tools away and calls it done.
This year he was able to get a head start because of all the great weather.  
While Jack Frost did pay us a surprise visit, there wasn't too much damage.  
I did lose some of my tomatoes and peppers and our maple trees took a hit.  
Some of their leaves have shriveled and fell off.
We've been pulling weeds and enjoying how the yard has matured over the years.  
Take a look.
 Our garden center no longer carried the Wave Petunia we've used in the past, but we bought an abundance of varying colors of your standard petunia.  We'll see how they do this year.
 My azalea bush finally has lush blooms.  I've been waiting for this.
 This is a view from the far end of our koi pond.  The tree is called Harry Lauder's Walking Stick and it has these unusual squiggly branches.
 This is a creeping vine that has taken over the arbor and pine tree next to it.  I love the yellow and green tones.
 Our largest rhodie is now in full bloom.  
 We call this our money tree, but I'm not sure if that is what it is called.  The leaves look like coins so we have our very own money tree.
 The bushes and trees are starting to grown in and shape the yard into little rooms.  I like this view with the new fence beyond.
 We bought this plant at a local nursery called Rare Find Nursery and they have just that...rare plants.
 Eucalyptus tree.
 Clumping bamboo and bamboo grove in the background.
 This is our newest garden area where we gained yard space after we put the new fence up.
 Koi pond.  The fish knew I was standing there so they dove deep.  We have lots of fish, but they get shy when anyone except my husband is hovering...unless of course they are getting fed.  Then it's a fish frenzy.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Your yard, pond, and gardens are amazing.
    Mary Alice

  2. I am a bit jealous of your lush green yard. We just re-landscaped last year and everything needs to grow, alot. That koi pond must be a very relaxing place to go and meditate, the whole yard is really beautiful!