Carpet Cleaning Magic

Hi Everyone.  I've been super, duper busy last few weeks with my day job, but ya know I totally live for the weekends.  If you are following me on Instagram, or Facebook, you know I spent some time doing spring cleaning this weekend.  It was one of those moments where I dragged the carpet cleaner out and had at it.
I love my Hoover carpet cleaner and it always sucks up some nasty stuff, but I had this spot at the top of my stairs landing that was completely gross.  Hubs and I must land our foot on the exact same spot-- every. single. time.  It became highly soiled over time and I was ready to rip up the carpet and get new.
Seriously.  I started shopping.
I decided one last ditch effort was to use the Folex Carpet Cleaner that I bought many moons ago.
Amen, the stuff worked.  I ran the Hoover over the spot about a bazillion times and used the upholstery brush.
My eyes blinked in disbelief, the darn stain disappeared.  How's that for a happy cleaning day?
Hubs want's to know where the stain went...well, it's magic.


  1. That is so much fun when you get a spot out that has been driving you crazy for months! You will be enjoying that trip up the stairs a whole lot more now...

  2. Well, that is awesome! We have some yucky cat puke stains, maybe I need to get this stuff.

  3. i have two little spots in our master bedroom that have been driving me nuts. will have to try this stuff. where do they sell it?

  4. I love Folex! It is amazing stuff, isn't it?