About Me

I was a big board game gal as a kid.  I would play them with anyone who wanted to entertain me and not make me cry.  I'm not competitive at all and rather let someone else win just for the joy of playing.  My grandfather used to play the card game "Old Maid" we me and I would bawl if I got the crabby Old Maid.  He would laugh and showed me a trick...bend the card a little so you know where she is.

Being a part of this wild journey as a blogger has allowed me to learn a little something about  my new friends I've met along the way.  All of us express our own creativity in different ways, and share our journey, open for all to see, critique and learn from.

I've found a dear blogger who has this great old farmhouse that she's been working on with her Hubby.  She's passed on the Kreative Blogger award to me and it totally made my day.  Check out what Lynn's been up to at Up Country Olio.

I love learning a little bit of something about each of you.  If you'd like to play along, do the following:

1) Give a big shout out & thank you to the blogger who passed on the award to you and link
to their homepage
2) List 7 interesting things about yourself that readers may enjoy learning about you
3) Nominate 7 other amazing bloggers by linking to their homepage & let them know that you have done so

Ok, 7 interesting things about me, here we go.....

1. I wear glasses all the time.  I own contacts, but rarely wear them.  I have a fear of Lasik eye surgery.
2. I am a night owl and love to watch sitcom reruns.
3.  I have a love hate relationship with roller coasters.
4. I've been happily married to Hubs who is 7 years older.
5. My day job is in corporate world, but I live for the weekends when I can work on my home.
6. My pet peeve is people who are nasty just because.
7. I have a sweet tooth for chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Its so fun to learn a bit more about you! I can't believe how much we've got in common...I'm with you on everything except I do wear contacts. Thanks for the tip on "Old Maid" I'm tucking that little trick away for when the grandkids visit! Happy Monday!

  2. Congrats!
    I love reading those interesting things about you.