Sewing: Drop Cloth Box Cushions

Happy. Happy. Happy. Do you all watch Duck Dynasty?  Well I'm hooked.  I've been saying Happy. Happy. Happy. for a few days now while I worked on my rattan sofa cushions.  Note that it hasn't been all rosy.  The seam ripper has become my new best friend again.

Last year I bought a rattan set off Craigslist and jumped in to recovering the cushions.  Fast forward a few months and I didn't like the fabric I picked out.  One was a stripe.  What was I thinking?  Beginner sewer like me trying to match up stripes. Not good.  You can see the progression.  Ugly floral that came with the sofa cushions.  Then green stripe with contrasting piping.  Time to move on.

So I decided to ditch it all and go to the trusty drop clothes.  Here is a lesson learned.  Check the brand.  I bought two at my local hardware store, followed all my friends in blogland and triple washed them.  Well, turns out these specific drop clothes had some sort of water repellent on them and the stuff gunked up my iron.  Seriously.  Annoying.  I then I had to scour the internet trying to find out how to clean the stuff off my iron.  I tried Goo Off, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, you name it.  What ended up working?
Magic Erasure.  Soaked that little white gem and rubbed the hot iron over it a thousand times.  An arm work out, but it got my iron clean.

Fast forward and I went to Lowes to purchase 4 matching drop clothes.  Buy more than you need.  Be warned.  One of the darn things had a totally different color patch sewn right down the middle.  Annoying.  But hey, they are cheap enough so make sure you buy extra.

I am moving on to cushion # 3.  It hasn't been easy, nor fun, but I'm Happy. Happy. Happy. now.
I decided to give the old box cushion a try again and like it so much more than the original pattern.  Onward to making more cushions.  Catch you later.  Be Happy. Happy. Happy.


Carpet Cleaning Magic

Hi Everyone.  I've been super, duper busy last few weeks with my day job, but ya know I totally live for the weekends.  If you are following me on Instagram, or Facebook, you know I spent some time doing spring cleaning this weekend.  It was one of those moments where I dragged the carpet cleaner out and had at it.
I love my Hoover carpet cleaner and it always sucks up some nasty stuff, but I had this spot at the top of my stairs landing that was completely gross.  Hubs and I must land our foot on the exact same spot-- every. single. time.  It became highly soiled over time and I was ready to rip up the carpet and get new.
Seriously.  I started shopping.
I decided one last ditch effort was to use the Folex Carpet Cleaner that I bought many moons ago.
Amen, the stuff worked.  I ran the Hoover over the spot about a bazillion times and used the upholstery brush.
My eyes blinked in disbelief, the darn stain disappeared.  How's that for a happy cleaning day?
Hubs want's to know where the stain went...well, it's magic.


About Me

I was a big board game gal as a kid.  I would play them with anyone who wanted to entertain me and not make me cry.  I'm not competitive at all and rather let someone else win just for the joy of playing.  My grandfather used to play the card game "Old Maid" we me and I would bawl if I got the crabby Old Maid.  He would laugh and showed me a trick...bend the card a little so you know where she is.

Being a part of this wild journey as a blogger has allowed me to learn a little something about  my new friends I've met along the way.  All of us express our own creativity in different ways, and share our journey, open for all to see, critique and learn from.

I've found a dear blogger who has this great old farmhouse that she's been working on with her Hubby.  She's passed on the Kreative Blogger award to me and it totally made my day.  Check out what Lynn's been up to at Up Country Olio.

I love learning a little bit of something about each of you.  If you'd like to play along, do the following:

1) Give a big shout out & thank you to the blogger who passed on the award to you and link
to their homepage
2) List 7 interesting things about yourself that readers may enjoy learning about you
3) Nominate 7 other amazing bloggers by linking to their homepage & let them know that you have done so

Ok, 7 interesting things about me, here we go.....

1. I wear glasses all the time.  I own contacts, but rarely wear them.  I have a fear of Lasik eye surgery.
2. I am a night owl and love to watch sitcom reruns.
3.  I have a love hate relationship with roller coasters.
4. I've been happily married to Hubs who is 7 years older.
5. My day job is in corporate world, but I live for the weekends when I can work on my home.
6. My pet peeve is people who are nasty just because.
7. I have a sweet tooth for chocolate chip cookies.

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Koi Pond and Spring Garden Views

Hope you all are enjoying a busy weekend. 
Hubs has been working like a crazy person getting the yard into shape.  
Every year he spends a couple of weeks tending to the gardens, planting flowers, spreading mulch and then when Memorial Weekend rolls around he puts his tools away and calls it done.
This year he was able to get a head start because of all the great weather.  
While Jack Frost did pay us a surprise visit, there wasn't too much damage.  
I did lose some of my tomatoes and peppers and our maple trees took a hit.  
Some of their leaves have shriveled and fell off.
We've been pulling weeds and enjoying how the yard has matured over the years.  
Take a look.
 Our garden center no longer carried the Wave Petunia we've used in the past, but we bought an abundance of varying colors of your standard petunia.  We'll see how they do this year.
 My azalea bush finally has lush blooms.  I've been waiting for this.
 This is a view from the far end of our koi pond.  The tree is called Harry Lauder's Walking Stick and it has these unusual squiggly branches.
 This is a creeping vine that has taken over the arbor and pine tree next to it.  I love the yellow and green tones.
 Our largest rhodie is now in full bloom.  
 We call this our money tree, but I'm not sure if that is what it is called.  The leaves look like coins so we have our very own money tree.
 The bushes and trees are starting to grown in and shape the yard into little rooms.  I like this view with the new fence beyond.
 We bought this plant at a local nursery called Rare Find Nursery and they have just that...rare plants.
 Eucalyptus tree.
 Clumping bamboo and bamboo grove in the background.
 This is our newest garden area where we gained yard space after we put the new fence up.
 Koi pond.  The fish knew I was standing there so they dove deep.  We have lots of fish, but they get shy when anyone except my husband is hovering...unless of course they are getting fed.  Then it's a fish frenzy.

Happy Mother's Day.


Master Bedroom: Board and Batten

Where in the world did the weekend go?  It was a blip and a flash, but I accomplished one HUGE thing.  I finished updating the master bedroom with board and batten.  Remember what it looked like before?
Now "Hello Beautiful!"
I used MDF this time and I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I purchased all the pieces at Lowe's and was surprised at how cheap it was compared to using poplar. 
 I painted the entire wall white in White Dove.  This is a BM color that I used on all our trim, but I had a gallon of it mixed with Behr paint.  Eggshell finish with paint and primer.  All the trim came primed so it just needed a fine sanding, caulking and nail hole filling.
 I ended up spacing the board 10 inches apart as I wanted a different look from the rest of the rooms in my house.  I felt that it gave a more cottage type vibe to the space.  I also trimmed out the windows with 1x2 and 1x3 like I did in the office.
 The update completely changed the look of the room and I couldn't be happier with how the furniture looks against the wall now.  My dresser pull update looks even better.
I'm still deciding if I want to put up bamboo blinds or keep the white wood ones that were there.  
How'd your weekend turn out?  Move too fast for you too?
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