Spray Painting Dresser Pulls

I spray painted my existing dresser pulls this weekend. This was a quick fix and was the one project that was a success.  The other project I tried was an utter failure.  I'll share my lessons learned later this week.
The power of paint.  The good and the bad.

Here is a close up on the pulls with their new finish in trusted oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  
Here is the dresser with the pulls in their old finish.  Not too terrible.  They were a pewter, greenish, brassy kinda hue with white painted line on the insets.  Always looked like dust was stuck in there.
 Taking the pulls off wasn't hard, just time consuming.  
This was my inspiration.  Pottery Barn pulls.  I've been thinking of making over my existing pulls ever since I saw this image in the magazine.
I wiped down the pulls and laid them on an old sheet outside to spray paint.
 I used a gray primer and sprayed two light coats.
 I then decided to prop the pulls up on little rocks to get better coverage.  
 I followed the primer with 4-5 light coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.
 Shiny and new.
 Much better than they were.  Using what I have and liking it too.


  1. Love your pulls; such a great design. I love Oil Rubbed Bronze and always keep a can of spray paint on hand. It has really come in handy for my own updates.

  2. Looks so much better! I saw your pics on instagram, was that the fail? I hope it works out!

  3. So that's the trick, several light coats, I usually get in a hurry and end up with a mess. These turned out terrific!! I will definitely remember this post the next time I get a can of spray paint in my hand. The whole dresser is just adorable, great job!

  4. What a great update! Easy enough and it looks wonderful too!