Painting Plastic Shutters

There has been a lot of activity around these parts this week.  Hubs has been in full swing working on the yard and I took some time to spray paint the plastic shutters.  They were heavily faded from the sun and were our second set.  I decided I'd try spray paint before buying yet another set.

Here's how it went down.
Hubs grabbed his mighty electric drill and removed all the shutters for me.
I hosed them off on the front lawn cleaning off all the dirt and spiders.  You'll be amazed what is behind the shutters when you take them down.
The vinyl siding was filthy.  I took the hose to that too and did a little scrubbing.

I let the shutters bake and dry off in the sun for a little while, then I laid them out for painting.
I had bought 6 cans of spray paint in dark green with a gloss finish.  The can said great for plastic too.  Cheers.

Doesn't the house looked so blah without them?

I did very light coats and in total probably went over each shutter about 6 or 7 times.  By the second batch, I found it was best to hit the outer sides first, then get into the grooves, and then hit the top frame of the shutters.
Note to self.  Decide best spot to spray paint so that little pink flower petals don't blow all over your freshly painted shutters.  I had to move my entire operation to the other side of the lawn.

So far they look pretty good, but I was running out of daylight so we'll see if they need one last coat in the morning.  I can't tell if the "gloss" is a little shinier in spots or not or if the paint is just curing.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

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