Painting Plastic Shutters Before & After

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter Weekend.  We had great weather and finished some last minute projects before family and friends came over on Sunday.

The plastic/vinyl shutters have been painted and hung back up. I used 6 cans of Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Hunter Green Gloss. I bought it at Home Depot and when I popped in a day later for some extra cans...it was SOLD out.  So it must be very popular!

Key tips.  Use very light coats.  I ended up sprays about 6-7 on each shutter.  They dried overnight and had some spots that looked a little glossier in certain areas.  When I hung them up though, you couldn't notice.
The paint can said "bonds to plastic".  I chose not to use primer because I was lazy like that and the shutters were already green.  We'll see if it peels off in a month or two.  We haven't gotten any rain yet, so if I wake up one morning with green paint flecks everywhere, I'll know I should have used the primer :)

I spray painted the existing wicker table gloss black as well and outfitted it with a potted pansies. 
While in Home Depot, I picked up the two hanging baskets as well and I'm pretty much calling it done.  I do want to buy a new door mat, but haven't seen anything that fits my fancy right now.

Long term goal is to either paint or stain the porch and clean up the sidewalk.  Once the weather holds true and warm, we'll plant some annuals in front as well.

 Ready for a little Before & After?  


  1. This is such helpful information , we need to paint our shutters since we don't really like the colour of them , so thanks

  2. Looks great! I cleaned our exterior over the weekend and really need to take our shutters down and paint. Great tips.

  3. Gotta love fresh! They look great, as do your rockers. What a lovely spot you have there.

  4. Thanks for the info on the shutters. Great tip.

  5. I'm with you, who has time for primer. I like your live dangerously style. The shutters look great and you are all set for the long summer on the porch.

  6. wow the home look so beautiful and peaceful....like the way it is.
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