Moving the Golden Bush

It's been a damp, chilled to the bone kind of weekend.  That doesn't stop Hubs from digging in the dirt.  When we put the fence up, we were able to gain extra yard space.  Originally the fence came out from the back edge of the house.  The electric and gas meter were fully accessible.  We'll we found out that you can read your own meters and the utility companies will true up any errors a couple times a year.  Score.  We ran the fence extending from the front of the house and gained yard space.
Perfect for raised garden beds. Wink. Wink.
 While Hubs loved the extra space, he did not like seeing all the utilities.
 So he popped out a big ole towering bush from the other part of the yard.  I barely had time to grab the camera yesterday, run out into the drizzling in my toasty warm jammies and snap some pictures.
Look hard, you see the big bush on top of the roof line of the shed.  Like Godzilla coming.
 Woah.  Here comes the monster bush in the Skidsteer bucket with Hubs at the wheel.  I kid you not he loves driving that machine around.
 This bush is massive.  I couldn't believe how easy Hubs made this look in a matter of minutes, the big ole bush was resting in its new spot.
 Lush and full.  Beautiful.
Hiding the utilities perfectly.  I can't wait to plant flowers and build those raised garden beds.
Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. OMG, that's crazy but it looks awesome. I hope it survives the transplant. Looks like some kind of cypress. Beautiful!