Landscape Blocks and Sprinklers

We had a little transformation happen in the yard today.  Hubs went out to Home Depot this morning to get some dripper hose and sprinkler parts and in what seemed like a matter of minutes, I saw this.
Not only do we now have water accessible in this mulch bed, but (cue the choir) the landscaping blocks are straightened and standing tall like soldiers.

This is the ugliness before.  The blocks were sunken in the ground.  There wasn't water from the sprinklers in this mulch bed, so everything always died.
After the fence was installed, it looked much better, but those sunken blocks were an eyesore.  Over the years I'd say to Hubs, you want me to help you pull those blocks up on the driveway?  I'd get a rolling of eyes and we'd move on to other things that needed attention in the yard.
I can't tell you how happy I am to see them now.  Hubs even said he'd fix the rest of them on the driveway (yes, the choir is still singing) because it wasn't as bad of an ordeal that he thought.
What a great Monday!

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