Goodies For My Kitchen: Candles and Placemats

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had high hopes for tackling some projects, but that all went out the window when my girlfriend and I decided to spend an afternoon shopping at our favorite garden center/houseware boutique.

We head out a couple of times a year as the seasons change and savor all the new goods, both for outside and inside the home.

I've started to get the hang of tacking pictures with Instagram and it is now my new addiction so take a look at a few of my goodies.

The best smelling lavender candle I've found to date.  I've been moving it all around the house just because I can't get over the delicious smell.
 Fun spring quilted placemats for my table.  I've never really given much thought to our table.  I usually just throw the tablecloth on and in a matter of days the darn thing gets cluttered up with household junk.  Ya know, the mail, groceries, things that really don't have a home and end up on the kitchen table.

I'm determined to stop that bad habit.  6 new placemats.  4 for the table and 2 for the island.  Hello Spring! And I didn't even have to swap out my brown tablecloth yet :)


  1. The place mats are so cute...I love having something on my table...it keeps me from cluttering it up! The candle sounds great...where did you find it?


  2. Love your placemats! I just bought some round ones at Home Goods that are made of a natural material, not sure what though. I have a round table and I think the round placemats will work better for us.

  3. Spending the day at the garden centre is like my idea of heaven! I really really love your beautiful placemats!