Building Raised Garden Beds

Isn't it just perfect?  The raised garden bed is almost done!  Hubs and I decided to use timber that we already had from the old fence.  We decided to use 6x6 fence posts for the bottom and 4x4 posts for the rest.  At first, I was a little concerned they were too beat up, but once it all come together, it was exactly the look I was after.  And functional too!
Hubs first laid out the 6x6 posts and made a rectangle that is about 5x10.  
 He then dug out shallow trenches and checked for level and square.
 At this point, he predrilled holes to accommodate rebar.  The rebar is inserted into the timber and secures into the ground.
Hubs hammered the rebar spacing it so that 2 or 3 held each posts to the ground.  Be sure you have no underground utilities or sprinklers in the way.  
 You can barely see the rebar once it was hammered down.
 Hubs then staggered the 4x4 posts up 3 more layers and secured with Timber Lock screws.  He pre-drilled for those even though they said there was no need.  Predrilling allowed them to be sunk into the posts.  We'll be filling the garden up with top soil this week so I can plant it up!  I'm still thinking about adding a 2x6 ledge around the top...

Note that we chose to use timber we already had, which was pressure treated.  I know there is a lot of debate surrounding the use of this and believe me I've done research.  Please do your own research and make an educated decision when building your own raised garden bed.

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