Spray Painting Dresser Pulls

I spray painted my existing dresser pulls this weekend. This was a quick fix and was the one project that was a success.  The other project I tried was an utter failure.  I'll share my lessons learned later this week.
The power of paint.  The good and the bad.

Here is a close up on the pulls with their new finish in trusted oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  
Here is the dresser with the pulls in their old finish.  Not too terrible.  They were a pewter, greenish, brassy kinda hue with white painted line on the insets.  Always looked like dust was stuck in there.
 Taking the pulls off wasn't hard, just time consuming.  
This was my inspiration.  Pottery Barn pulls.  I've been thinking of making over my existing pulls ever since I saw this image in the magazine.
I wiped down the pulls and laid them on an old sheet outside to spray paint.
 I used a gray primer and sprayed two light coats.
 I then decided to prop the pulls up on little rocks to get better coverage.  
 I followed the primer with 4-5 light coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.
 Shiny and new.
 Much better than they were.  Using what I have and liking it too.


Raised Garden Bed: Planting Veggies

Can you believe it?  I ran out of room already.  I was a little over zealous when picking out plants for the garden and I now have all my herbs left with no home right now.

I have romaine lettuce, spinach, two kinds of peppers, assorted tomatoes including cherry ones, cauliflower, eggplant, cucumbers, dill, basil and parsley.  I also bought some seed packs of peas and beans...where are those going to go? Maybe I need another raised bed.  (hint hint)

These pictures are from last weekend.  I meant to post sooner but work, allergies, deadlines got in the way.  Hope you enjoy your weekend.  I can't wait to get caught up on some lingering home projects.


Painted Metal Bed Headboards

So back to figuring out how to finish decorating the Master Bedroom.  I've made no decisions on if I am adding board and batten to the back wall.  I've made no decisions on the curtains.  I've got nothing.

But Katy had an inspiring post about painting metal headboards.
Now I am thinking of jumping in and spraying the headboard a fun color.
Yellow? Turquoise? Red?

Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest


Building Raised Garden Beds

Isn't it just perfect?  The raised garden bed is almost done!  Hubs and I decided to use timber that we already had from the old fence.  We decided to use 6x6 fence posts for the bottom and 4x4 posts for the rest.  At first, I was a little concerned they were too beat up, but once it all come together, it was exactly the look I was after.  And functional too!
Hubs first laid out the 6x6 posts and made a rectangle that is about 5x10.  
 He then dug out shallow trenches and checked for level and square.
 At this point, he predrilled holes to accommodate rebar.  The rebar is inserted into the timber and secures into the ground.
Hubs hammered the rebar spacing it so that 2 or 3 held each posts to the ground.  Be sure you have no underground utilities or sprinklers in the way.  
 You can barely see the rebar once it was hammered down.
 Hubs then staggered the 4x4 posts up 3 more layers and secured with Timber Lock screws.  He pre-drilled for those even though they said there was no need.  Predrilling allowed them to be sunk into the posts.  We'll be filling the garden up with top soil this week so I can plant it up!  I'm still thinking about adding a 2x6 ledge around the top...

Note that we chose to use timber we already had, which was pressure treated.  I know there is a lot of debate surrounding the use of this and believe me I've done research.  Please do your own research and make an educated decision when building your own raised garden bed.


Goodies For My Kitchen: Candles and Placemats

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had high hopes for tackling some projects, but that all went out the window when my girlfriend and I decided to spend an afternoon shopping at our favorite garden center/houseware boutique.

We head out a couple of times a year as the seasons change and savor all the new goods, both for outside and inside the home.

I've started to get the hang of tacking pictures with Instagram and it is now my new addiction so take a look at a few of my goodies.

The best smelling lavender candle I've found to date.  I've been moving it all around the house just because I can't get over the delicious smell.
 Fun spring quilted placemats for my table.  I've never really given much thought to our table.  I usually just throw the tablecloth on and in a matter of days the darn thing gets cluttered up with household junk.  Ya know, the mail, groceries, things that really don't have a home and end up on the kitchen table.

I'm determined to stop that bad habit.  6 new placemats.  4 for the table and 2 for the island.  Hello Spring! And I didn't even have to swap out my brown tablecloth yet :)


Planning for Raised Garden Beds

Happy Friday to you all.  Great weather expected here this weekend.  I'm hoping to get some more yard work D-O-N-E, including building a raised garden bed.

This is the area Hubs and I are looking to fill in with veggies and all.  We'll probably start with one large raised bed for now and see how it all pans out.

Hubs leveled the area after the fence was installed and put down a hefty layer of mulch.  We are lucky that our township has some available for homeowners in the early Spring months.  It goes fast and you have to load it up quick, but Hubs scored some last week.

We are planning on building at least a 5x8 garden bed, but it may be a little bigger.  We are scouting out the timber this weekend.  I can't wait to go and select my veggie plants!

What's on your agenda this weekend?


Wood Fence Gate with Galvanized Frame

I know I've been talking about our fence alot lately, but I just couldn't be happier with how it looks and how well it was installed.
One of the reasons we decided to have a fence company install our fence was the need for beefy, workhorse gates.  Hubs needed a sixteen foot gate in order to move all his gear in and out.
We had two 8 foot fence sections in the past that made up a double gate.  The problem with our old gate was the it sagged, it didn't close right and was basically a big part of the eyesore of the driveway.
The fence company we went with suggested a galvanized frame.  Genius.   It wasn't cheap, but this little beauty is totally worth it.  Check out its beefy workings.

 The fence was installed over a custom galvanized pipe frame.
Spring loaded rollers to help move the gate evenly and smoothly across the driveway.  

 Here's the back of the gate.  Total support, baby.

 I was extremely pleased with the craftsmanship here.  Hubs and I agreed that while it could have been a DIY project, it never would have looked this good and worked so well.  Kudos to the team that put this bad boy up.
We are now researching our options to preserve the finish of the fence with sealer or stain.  Any tips?


Painting Plastic Shutters Before & After

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter Weekend.  We had great weather and finished some last minute projects before family and friends came over on Sunday.

The plastic/vinyl shutters have been painted and hung back up. I used 6 cans of Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Hunter Green Gloss. I bought it at Home Depot and when I popped in a day later for some extra cans...it was SOLD out.  So it must be very popular!

Key tips.  Use very light coats.  I ended up sprays about 6-7 on each shutter.  They dried overnight and had some spots that looked a little glossier in certain areas.  When I hung them up though, you couldn't notice.
The paint can said "bonds to plastic".  I chose not to use primer because I was lazy like that and the shutters were already green.  We'll see if it peels off in a month or two.  We haven't gotten any rain yet, so if I wake up one morning with green paint flecks everywhere, I'll know I should have used the primer :)

I spray painted the existing wicker table gloss black as well and outfitted it with a potted pansies. 
While in Home Depot, I picked up the two hanging baskets as well and I'm pretty much calling it done.  I do want to buy a new door mat, but haven't seen anything that fits my fancy right now.

Long term goal is to either paint or stain the porch and clean up the sidewalk.  Once the weather holds true and warm, we'll plant some annuals in front as well.

 Ready for a little Before & After?  


Painting Plastic Shutters

There has been a lot of activity around these parts this week.  Hubs has been in full swing working on the yard and I took some time to spray paint the plastic shutters.  They were heavily faded from the sun and were our second set.  I decided I'd try spray paint before buying yet another set.

Here's how it went down.
Hubs grabbed his mighty electric drill and removed all the shutters for me.
I hosed them off on the front lawn cleaning off all the dirt and spiders.  You'll be amazed what is behind the shutters when you take them down.
The vinyl siding was filthy.  I took the hose to that too and did a little scrubbing.

I let the shutters bake and dry off in the sun for a little while, then I laid them out for painting.
I had bought 6 cans of spray paint in dark green with a gloss finish.  The can said great for plastic too.  Cheers.

Doesn't the house looked so blah without them?

I did very light coats and in total probably went over each shutter about 6 or 7 times.  By the second batch, I found it was best to hit the outer sides first, then get into the grooves, and then hit the top frame of the shutters.
Note to self.  Decide best spot to spray paint so that little pink flower petals don't blow all over your freshly painted shutters.  I had to move my entire operation to the other side of the lawn.

So far they look pretty good, but I was running out of daylight so we'll see if they need one last coat in the morning.  I can't tell if the "gloss" is a little shinier in spots or not or if the paint is just curing.

Have a Blessed Weekend!


Landscape Blocks and Sprinklers

We had a little transformation happen in the yard today.  Hubs went out to Home Depot this morning to get some dripper hose and sprinkler parts and in what seemed like a matter of minutes, I saw this.
Not only do we now have water accessible in this mulch bed, but (cue the choir) the landscaping blocks are straightened and standing tall like soldiers.

This is the ugliness before.  The blocks were sunken in the ground.  There wasn't water from the sprinklers in this mulch bed, so everything always died.
After the fence was installed, it looked much better, but those sunken blocks were an eyesore.  Over the years I'd say to Hubs, you want me to help you pull those blocks up on the driveway?  I'd get a rolling of eyes and we'd move on to other things that needed attention in the yard.
I can't tell you how happy I am to see them now.  Hubs even said he'd fix the rest of them on the driveway (yes, the choir is still singing) because it wasn't as bad of an ordeal that he thought.
What a great Monday!


Moving the Golden Bush

It's been a damp, chilled to the bone kind of weekend.  That doesn't stop Hubs from digging in the dirt.  When we put the fence up, we were able to gain extra yard space.  Originally the fence came out from the back edge of the house.  The electric and gas meter were fully accessible.  We'll we found out that you can read your own meters and the utility companies will true up any errors a couple times a year.  Score.  We ran the fence extending from the front of the house and gained yard space.
Perfect for raised garden beds. Wink. Wink.
 While Hubs loved the extra space, he did not like seeing all the utilities.
 So he popped out a big ole towering bush from the other part of the yard.  I barely had time to grab the camera yesterday, run out into the drizzling in my toasty warm jammies and snap some pictures.
Look hard, you see the big bush on top of the roof line of the shed.  Like Godzilla coming.
 Woah.  Here comes the monster bush in the Skidsteer bucket with Hubs at the wheel.  I kid you not he loves driving that machine around.
 This bush is massive.  I couldn't believe how easy Hubs made this look in a matter of minutes, the big ole bush was resting in its new spot.
 Lush and full.  Beautiful.
Hiding the utilities perfectly.  I can't wait to plant flowers and build those raised garden beds.
Hope you had a great weekend!