Porch: Flower Boxes

So I am worried that installing porch railings on my porch may make the house look like it's in jail.  The porch is less than 5 feet deep and our windows are rather tall.  Hubs and I are wondering if when sitting on porch rockers that the railing would cut into our view.  I was rather bummed until I had this idea.  

Why not use large patio/porch flower boxes to fill in between the posts.  Imagine colorful cascading flowers!



  1. Do you have a photo of your porch?

    My back porches are about 5' wide. A planter box is going to take up more depth of the porch than a rail would. Fout feet might not leave enough room for a rocker.

    How high is the floor of the porch? Can you, by code, leave them off entirely and just do some nice pots around the posts?

  2. Yeah I want to see a picture too! I'm about to put on a 4' wide porch out of necessity, wondering what that's going to look like. I love flower/window boxes, they are fab!

  3. That's a really good idea too!! Or the flowers boxes could be on top of the porch railings?