Master Bedroom

So it's been over a year since any sort of updates have crossed my mind for the master bedroom.

I painted the furniture, invested in a pillow top mattress pad, purchased new white sheets and called it a day.

I like the clean feel of the room, but I want to add trim around the windows, maybe switch out the furniture hardware, hang curtains or drapes and most of all do something with the back wall that the bed is on.

I either want to:

Install a board and batten type treatment with wood and white paint along the back wall.

Or remove metal headboard and create upholstered headboard.
Or just paint the back wall an accent color.
I like the green hue of this chalkboard wall.
Or go crazy with wood plank accent wall.


  1. Ooo, do a board and batten! That would be awesome.

  2. My Vote is board and batten . . . but I might be a little biased!!! haha
    Thanks so much for including our bedroom in your inspiration!!! I can't wait to see what you do!!!
    p.s. Loving your front porch!!! I'm totally torn on whether or not to do railings! I totally feel for you, I would have no idea! It looks great though!!!
    Lots of Love