Hallway: Beadboard?

I'm at a point where I am not sure what to do next.

This is my upstairs hallway which is very teeny, tiny.  Three bedrooms, a hall closet and my full bath all come off this crammed hallway.  I put up additional trim pieces thinking that I wanted to continue the board and batten treatment from the bathroom.  However, once I tried to space everything out, the trim boards didn't flow right.

I had a neighbor, who has awesome decorating taste, come over and tell me what she thought. She thinks I should keep the board and batten by itself in the bathroom and do something different in the hallway.

Her vote was beadboard for the texture.
What do you think?

This is the view once you pass the bathroom and turn to enter either of the 3 bedrooms.
The closet backs up to the stair wall.
Rounding the corner looking back toward stairs.  The bathroom is to my back.
This is the barn door wall, which is the largest blank wall in the hallway.


  1. Hm, that is hard to see in photos. I think you could do some boards in there at different spacing, but beadboard would be nice too.

  2. Bead board is always a great option in a hallway. It holds up well and since it is usually painted with a semi gloss paint, it can be very easily cleaned.

  3. I think beadboard would look nice; they also make a wallpaper beadboard if that might be easier.

  4. looking at your pictures, I like the idea of doing bead board and then maybe a pretty color on top or maybe wall paper?