Garden: Raised Garden Beds

We will be changing up our side yard when we have new fence installed in a few weeks.  I am giddy with excitement to be able to plan for raised garden beds.  I can't wait to plant veggies and flowers.  We are still working out the layout and determining how many beds we can fit, but I've been doing some research for inspiration.  There are many different ways to construct the beds and pros and cons determining the type of wood to use.

I like this design because of the top ledge.

Hmm, should I paint the wood?

Simple design and tall enough to not bend over so much.

Another one with a great top ledge.


  1. It sounds lie a lot of work but you are going to love it! I have always wanted raised beds...less weeds. less bending over! lol! They would look great painted!


  2. Hm, I've never had a ledge on my raised beds! That might be really convenient for setting down tools, your glass of iced tea, or the little pots on as you're planting their contents! Raised beds are definitely the way to go!

  3. Thank you for the comments on my blog and for stopping in! I love your raised beds and can't wait to read more of your blog. I am now a follower and it is a rainy day here, so you know what I will be doing!

  4. I love the idea of having raised garden beds, but, as a newlywed, funds are quite tight! I improvised and purchased 6ft cedar dog-earred fence posts. Although they are not as thick, they have done the trick and our neighbors have given us many compliments on it! Thanks for the inspiration.