Front Porch

It couldn't have been any grayer out the day I took this picture, but get ready, this is what Hubs and I want to spruce up this year.

The front porch needs a little bling...like hot mama come look at me.  Hubs envisions porch railings, black porch rockers and hanging flowers.  I have to say I'm liking that idea, but I hate our front steps.  I want to rip them out and put in a brick walkway and steps. Picture a larger mulch bed with flowers and a lazy "s" of a walkway.

But a funny thing called money seems to always get in the way.

We are brainstorming to see what we can do short term for the biggest bang for our buck.

Hubs said "You know we can save money. You can install the porch rails."
Rolling of eyes.  Now it's game on.  I just might do it.  Of course I upped the anty and said "Yeah well you can rip out the sidewalk and put a new walkway down."  Rolling of eyes.  But I saw the light in his eyes glimmer.

We did get a quote to resurface the porch to look like faux flagstone.  For a split second we almost thought we'd really do it, but then the funny thing called money got in the way (and I think I'd like brick better).

We are now thinking about repairing the cracks correctly (see those dark grey lines that we squirted concrete fix into?) and maybe painting the porch floor or maybe just getting some outdoor sisal rugs.
Lots of exciting products to explore.

It should be interesting how much we actually tackle this Spring.  What's on your plate?

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  1. I can see so many great things going on with your porch...it's the perfect size. I am sure it's going to be beautiful!

    Our backyard needs some landscaping, I want to paint a few rooms and once I check these off my list, I will probably come up with more. Isn't that always the way it works?!!