Front Porch: Rockers

Hubs and I have wanted porch rockers for a while, but they always either seemed too expensive, the quality was less than desired, or the style didn't fit our fancy.  We did see rockers at Cracker Barrel during one road trip and always said we'd find a Cracker Barrel and purchase them.  That never happened.

Last night we went to Lowe's looking for wood trim and and a grill cover. We came out with neither of those, but with two big boxes, each housing a Craftsman style porch rocker in Black.
The best part, they were $99 each, way less than we've seen and there was a floor model on display, which  we happily tried out.
The rockers come in White, Natural (which has a reddish hue) and Black.  There were only 3 Black rockers left and we took 2 of them.
 Today I assembled both of them.  It wasn't bad.  The directions were detailed and the pieces all fit together.  The time spent was about an hour and half for both, but I was wiping everything down, finding my tools, making sure not to ding them, etc.  I probably could have shaved some time off if I wasn't dilly dalling.
 There was one piece (come on you know there is always one) that was damaged beyond black magic marker repair. It is is the rocker rail.  I'll have to call customer service tomorrow to see if they'll send me a new piece.  In the meantime, I did a little sanding and wood filler.  The quality of the rockers was worth the price in my opinion.  I tested the good to go one out and it's rather comfy.
 The rockers have updated the porch already.  I can't wait to keep at it.


  1. Love them! Looks like we both have front porches on our mind ... and my neighbors now think I'm out of my mind! You see, I was mopping my porch landing this morning! I was too lazy to pull out the hose (we haven't even hooked it up yet)...



  2. Those rockers are the perfect touch for your front porch. They look great.

    If you get a chance, stop on over for a visit.

  3. There's nothing like a great rocking chair (or two) on a porch to make it cozy and inviting! My girls loved stopping at Cracker Barrel on our road trips (I think it was the huge candy selection)!

    Was GFC following but now that I've moved to WP - made sure I'm a new Linky follower too.

  4. I've always loved rockers on a porch and the blacks ones your got look amazing on your porch, wow! :)

  5. Love the porch rockers, and I did a little back porch cleaning as well yesterday.The weather was far too beautiful to stay inside.

  6. Rockers are, and always will be, the best porch addition ever. They are friendly, welcoming, and oh so relaxing.

  7. I love your rockers! I used to have two just like them before we moved the last time. I'm hoping for another house with a porch. There's nothing like rockers on the porch!

  8. Love those rockers...I had my eye on them since last year.