Fence Installed

The fence is in and it is fabulous.  The cedar smell is awesome.  
Anyone else walk around sniffing their fence?
We went with 6x6 Gothic style posts on the driveway and I sure am happy we spent the extra money.  We have a gate to the backyard and then a very large gate to the utility yard.  It made sense to have all the posts 6x6 otherwise it would have looked a little silly with 6x6 then 4x4 then 6x6 again.
I can't tell you how happy I am that this gate closes smoothly and all by itself.  Our old gate sagged and had to be lifted up in order to properly close and lock it. 
The guys that did the installation had to custom make all the gates in order to match the convex style of the fence.
Here's a reminder of what the driveway looked like after the old fence was down.
 This is where the 2-8ft sections are going to be to make a 16ft wide gate.  In order to do this a galvanized pipe frame is being custom built and the wood fencing will be installed on top of it.  No more sagging!
The pipes were cemented in and the gate will be installed in a few days.  Hubs is super excited about this.
Remember the old fence?  Almost 14 years old.  

 What a difference a day and a dollar (well, lots of dollars) make.  We are so happy and blessed.  Happy Spring!

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  1. I love the shape of your new fence...and I would be smelling it too! :) Love all the pretty trees! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!