Yard Spaces: Fencing

February put me into serious hibernation mode.  The kind where when the weekend rolls around, the pjs stay on, the fire blazes and movie marathon takes into effect.  Maybe it was because I was on the go go go for weeks on end, or maybe it was just time to settle back and relax.  Either way, my house is slightly messy, projects are halted right in the middle, paint cans are stacked on standby and the paint brushes are still hanging off the shower hook from the last time I gave them a rinse.

The weather started to warm up slightly and the bring on Spring bug has started to hit.  One major project on the hit parade is to install some new yard fencing.  Hubs installed wood fencing around our yard perimeter the year we moved in.  It's weathered and broken and we are ready to add some style so we've been eyeing some new gems.

I really like the clean lines of this one!
Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest

The gate is kinda fun, but I don't think I want anyone peering into my business.
Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest

Oh need, want, swoon for this gate and trellis.

And black fencing, well, that is kinda classy.

Just because I like porch railings and picket fences too!
Source: houzz.com via Casey on Pinterest


  1. I love the trellis! We have to redo our fence too but it's about #87 on our list of projects, so maybe it'll get done in 2014?

  2. The trellis and gate are so pretty! We also thinking about upgrading our fence this Spring, our current gate is ugly and doesn't look nice next to our house, I pinned so cute ideas. hopefully we'll tackle them in Mar or early April