Yard Spaces: Fencing

February put me into serious hibernation mode.  The kind where when the weekend rolls around, the pjs stay on, the fire blazes and movie marathon takes into effect.  Maybe it was because I was on the go go go for weeks on end, or maybe it was just time to settle back and relax.  Either way, my house is slightly messy, projects are halted right in the middle, paint cans are stacked on standby and the paint brushes are still hanging off the shower hook from the last time I gave them a rinse.

The weather started to warm up slightly and the bring on Spring bug has started to hit.  One major project on the hit parade is to install some new yard fencing.  Hubs installed wood fencing around our yard perimeter the year we moved in.  It's weathered and broken and we are ready to add some style so we've been eyeing some new gems.

I really like the clean lines of this one!
Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest

The gate is kinda fun, but I don't think I want anyone peering into my business.
Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest

Oh need, want, swoon for this gate and trellis.

And black fencing, well, that is kinda classy.

Just because I like porch railings and picket fences too!
Source: houzz.com via Casey on Pinterest


Dinner with Friends

Hi Everyone
I am looking forward to a great weekend with friends.  Hubs and I are hosting a small dinner party with 2 other couples in celebration of Valentine's day.  We absolutely love Valentine's day as it is our wedding anniversary and what a better way to start celebrating but by sharing food and wine with some friends!

I sifted through my recipes to come up with a fancy schmancy dessert.  Well, no time for that and besides I really hate baking.  Just not my thing.  So I found my Mom's recipe for Anise Sponge Italian Cake.  It's a keeper.  Give it a try.

In case you don't know what Anisette Sponge Cookies are, here's a peek.  These Stella D'oro babies are right in your cookie aisle.  Make sure you buy the sponge version and not the toast.

One year Mom forgot the cookies for our Christmas dessert tradition and sent Dad and I to snag a few bags.  It was Christmas Day and they were sold out everywhere.  We persevered and found them at a butcher shop of all places.

Here's the recipe.
2 packages of Anisette Sponge Cookies
2 packages each of Instant Chocolate and Instant Vanilla Pudding
Extra Large Cool-Whip

I ended up buying the sugar free version of pudding and lite version of Cool-Whip, but feel free to load up on the other version.

In a 9x13 glass baking dish (or similar size), lay cookies over entire bottom of dish.  You need to cut the cookies in half lengthwise.  I used a serrated knife.  They are not perfect, but you'll never know.

Then mix 2 cups cold milk with 2 packages of vanilla pudding.  Fold in about a third Cool-whip.  Make sure it's thawed.  Don't be impatient like me and try to use frozen Cool-whip.  That doesn't work.  Spread the vanilla pudding mixture over layer of cookies.

Now bust open second package of cookies and cut those babies in half again.  Layer on top of the vanilla pudding mixture.

Next do the same with the chocolate pudding.  Mix 2 packages with 2 cups cold milk.  Fold in same amount of Cool-whip.  Spread over cookies.

Last step is to spread last of the plain Cool-whip over the top.  Cover and refrigerate. Overnight is best as all that pudding soaks into the cookies.  I add some fresh strawberries or raspberries on top right before serving.  You could also sprinkle almond slices or what ever else you'd like.

Happy Weekend!


Music Studio: New Video Song

Sometimes your life takes a turn and you find yourself in a new direction, spun upside down and wondering what is next. Hubs and I started a new adventure and created a company,
Half Moon Hill Productions LLC.

How did we get here?

A dream.  A plan.  And a little flying by the seat of our pants.

We are big do it yourself type people, in almost every facet of our lives.

In the back of Hubs mind, he's always wanted to share his love for music and showcase a little humor because he's just that type of guy.  He's a musician with many talents playing guitar, drums, pedal steel, ukulele to name a few.

We built the music studio in our basement over the last ten years and recently sound treated the space to bring the sound quality to the next level.  It was a month long project, but one that we are so thankful we were able to do.

Take a look at the video song that we put together as our first project. We hope you like the music and have a good laugh too.

If you like the song, download it.  If you like the video, friend Hubs and repost it on your Facebook page.

Hubs wrote, arranged, performed and recorded the music.  I edited the video using Final Cut Pro X.  I knew nothing a few short weeks ago, but this project through me into the world of video editing and it was a wild and crazy ride.

You can check out www.toddchambeau.com for the latest.  Hubs will be putting together his own blog in the near future sharing his journey.