Window Trim- Office

I have wanted to do this for a really long time!

Trimmed out window!  Sigh.  Breathe. Huge Smile.
Eventually we'll be getting new windows and I'll trim them out proper with wood inside the frame and thicker wider moldings.  BUT for now...a little change.
My sills are not coming out right now, but 1x2 poplar trim boards matched up pretty good on the sides and a 1x3 across the top.  Much better.

You can check out where I started when I decided to repaint and decorate my office space.  I'll be sharing the office reveal over the weekend.  Love my Expedits.  Love the paint color. and I scored two great lamps from Target- Love that place.  Talk to you over the weekend.  Hope you rock it!


  1. Looks great. Nice office. Stopping by from TT&J
    Carolyn xx

  2. Nice! I have been wanting to do this in our house. It looks so much more polished now! Great job. =)