Sharing a Little

Joining on in from my gal friends blog. (My Nanny used to say that).
Learn a bit about me and share some about you.  Post your link in the comments.

current guilty pleasure: Chai Tea with extra milk and cream.
current nail color: Spackle and Paint.
current playlist: Lots of The Band Perry
current read: How Starbucks Saved My Life, Michael Gates Gill
current drink: Water. Blah.
current food: Potato Cauliflower Cheese Soup
current favorite show: Pickers
current wish list: Toasty Puffy Coat
current needs: Clean House- Purge it Baby
current triumphs: Lots of laundry done tonight
current bane of my existence: Finding great pair of jeans
current celebrity crush: Oh come on, has to be Clooney
current indulgence: Cheese and Wine before dinner, new thing.
current blessing: Hubster
current outfit: Mustard yellow boatneck top and dark rinse jeans (they are too long)
current excitement: Weekend!
current mood: Indifferent.  I was grumpy about 30 minutes ago!
current link: Meeting new friends at this party


  1. I sometimes make chai with just whole milk. No water. Even with no sugar, it's a rich, soothing treat.

  2. Cracked up at your (they are too long) note! ha ha. And now I want to queue up some Band Perry and eat Cauliflower soup! :)

  3. I agree with you that the excitement is this weekend! I'm so glad it's Friday, haha! =)