Purging the Clutter, Keeping the Memories

I worked up at Grandpa's house again today.  We sorted enough stuff to put another 12 bags, boxes of books and a pile of metal to the curb.  The "scavenges"(that is what he calls them) came to pick through the garbage by mid afternoon and the curb was only left with some bags, cardboard and full blown trash.

Over the last few weeks, I can see Grandpa's attitude change.  His spirits are just a tad happier and I chalk that up to less clutter in his life.  Today when I walked in, the dining room table was spotless.  It was shinny, nothing but a candle in the center.  The chairs were pushed in and not a piece of junk was spotted.

I couldn't believe it.  For as long as I can remember, there was always junk on it.  I know how easy it is to have stuff pile on the table.  It you saw mine right now, I'd be embarrassed.  Tables are notorious for being catchalls.

Grandpa was so proud and I was so proud of him.  He said he is finally using the spare bedroom as an office, just as he always intended it to be.  There is a desk and filing cabinet in there!

That's me and Grandpa.  How do you like the bowl cut, like I am a boy?  My mom never let me grow my hair long until I was 5.  I think she got fed up with it then too, because soon after all my other pictures I have short hair again.

I am blessed with the time that I am spending with Grandpa.  We are sorting through junk, but also coming up on old pictures, that stir up all kinds of memories.  Those pictures, those memories are what matter.  All the stuff in between just turns into garbage at some point and I'd rather leave it to the "scavenges" anyway.


  1. I love this post . My grandpa died when I was 12 and I loved him the most out of anyone. You are so lucky to be going through this together.
    Carolyn xx

  2. Wonderful post. That is so sweet that you're getting to spend some time with your grandpa and loving on him during this time of his life. =)