Inspiration: Be Your Self

I know I'm due to post some pictures showing the progress of the craft/sewing/office room, but I happened upon this and just had to share.  I have young women in my life that I wish I could shout out loud to that this is truly what it is all about.  Forget the boys, forget the clothes, forget the chatty friends.  If I knew then how true this simple little quote is...Pass it on.


  1. Love this quote! And I agree with you, young ladies need to hear "Forget the boys! Forget the clothes!" They truly, truly do. High school is hard enough already.

  2. Hey! Lol at eat bon bons:)

    What a great quote...and I love the art/how they've laid it out too!

  3. Can I get an 'Amen!!' Love this quote--we need to embrace the wonderful God-given talents that make us unique!