Guest Room: Stencil Wall

I busted a serious move this weekend and worked non-stop on the guest room.  
My stencil came back out and I gave it a college try again.  Here's a peak at all the other madness that's been going on too.
Truth be told, I wasn't jumping for joy when the wall was stenciled, but Hubs encouraged me to wait until everything else in the room was pulled together.  I am a highly visual person and at first look I tend to make quick decisions.  Knee jerk like.
I ended up working on a whole lot of stuff while "using what I got".  
The furniture ended up getting painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...more on that later in the week.
My stencil was from Cutting Edge Stencils.  
I ordered this bad boy up in hopes of using it in the office, but you all know how that went
So first thing, I top coated the wall color Friday night.  Giving the whole room a clean, scuff free base.
On Saturday morning, the stencil went up.  
I used White Dove by Benjamin Moore in Matte finish.  It's what I had on hand.
 The stencil process goes by relatively fast, but to do this one wall did take me about 4-5 hours.  I would roll on and replace the stencil about 4 times.  After that, the stencil gets tacky and I could tell it was time to rinse it.  I put mine in the bathtub and power sprayed the paint off.  I would then lay it down on a bath towel and pat it dry.  I did this I think 4 or 5 times while stenciling the wall so that is what caused some down time.  Well that and the fact I wanted to eat lunch, read some blogs, blah blah.  So 4-5 hours with a little puttering going on.
 At this point, walking into the room from the hallway, I was pleased.  It looked good.  It looked like wallpaper and gave the room some life.  I will tell you I have major OCD when it comes to symmetry.  It's really bad.  I should have done a mock up of where the stencil would run across the wall and adjusted so that it would have been perfectly spaced.  I had bent the stencil so that I could run the pattern all the way to the edge.  I hated it.  It wasn't crisp and I almost threw in the towel wanting to paint right over the whole thing. In the end, I painted over the stencil on the very far right of the wall.  You can see it in the first picture.  I ended up leaving a little bit of wall color around the left side and right side of the wall.   It's a personal preference and I just like it better that way.  OCD rules.
 I wish I had a three day weekend, but manic Monday approaches.  Have a great one.
P.S. The painting is from Grandpa's.  I found it laying around and it's the one thing that I took so far that didn't make it into the garbage.  I had no idea how great it would look in this room.  I thought I was going to put it in my office, but the colors, the theme, the frame, everything fits in this room.  It's signed MARIO. That's my Grandpa's name too.  He jokes that he painted it.  I know better.


  1. It looks great but it sounds like torture. I think I'd rather wallpaper and then strip it off in a few years when I was tired of it.

  2. This turned out beautifully! That stenciled wall combined with the painting and the headboard look great together! Your hard work paid off.

  3. You have lots of patience and it looks really great. Nice job!!!

  4. It looks beautiful! I love how the headboard looks against the stencil!

  5. Your stenciled wall looks awesome! All your hard work paid off. =)

  6. It turned out beautifully! I don't have nearly enough patience to stencil so I am in awe of people who get it right!