Power of Paint: Craft Room

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  Hubs and I spent the first part of the week enjoying some R&R in Philadelphia.  A few days away, eating great food, shopping and spending some quality time together was a perfect start to a very busy holiday weekend.  We stayed at the Hotel Palomar right near Rittenhouse Square...I highly recommend.  It was my best experience staying at a hotel, ever.  The rooms were extremely clean, modern and very stylish.  The staff was exceptional and the food was delicious.

So I have a huge problem of starting a project right when I have a thousand other things to do. I decided I wanted to redo my craft/sewing space.  I purchased a stencil, slapped some white paint on the walls and decided to give the stenciling a whirl.  Here is what happened.


I loved it.  I hated it.  I was torn what to do next.  I took a night of rest and decided I had a love hate relationship with how it turned out.

I loved the stencil.  I loved the effect of wallpaper it gave.  While it wasn't exactly easy to do, it wasn't nearly as hard as hanging wallpaper.

I hated the yellow.  I thought the other walls were too blah in the rest of the room.  The new white IKEA Expedit shelving just didn't look great against it.  The yellow cast a dreary color on the shelving, in all kinds of light.

In a fit of flurry, I busted out my trusty sage colored paint (used in the Laundry Room and Bathroom) and rolled right over that lovely stenciling.  I was anxious, but when I stood back,  I knew I was back in love with the room.

Right now I am in the middle of painting all the walls and assembling the last shelving unit. Check back to see how it turns out.  AND...I have high hopes to stencil again, but with a much more muted paint pallet.


  1. I've had this happen to me so many times. I'll think that I love something, but then I realize it just doesn't work for me. It's painful sometimes, but you know in your heart you just gotta make it work for you. =) I really like the new color you're putting on - it looks so pretty and I think the Expedit is going to look good against it.

  2. Oh my!! I love the stencil and the effect it gives. I would probably done the same thing and painted over it! You know when you're not "feeling it". I have the same Ikea shelving unit. Don't you love it? I just spent all day yesterday organizing it. Hope to share it on the blog if I ever finish it!! Happy New Year!! All the best, Lauren

  3. Yep, story of my life too. :) I like the stencil but you just gotta go with with you love, right? Good luck in that room!

  4. Oh no!!! I can't believe you painted over the stencil. It looked great in the pic but you've got to be the judge. I liked your stripe too! I can really relate to your love/hate relationship. Isn't it nice that we get the change our minds if we want...