Organization: Letting Go

My grandfather is moving out of his home and Hubs and I helped clean house this weekend. The motto of the day was Let It Go.  I am so proud of Grandpa because he held back nothing. He's lived in his house for over 50 years and has been widowed taking care of it himself for the last 25.  Needless to say, there was a lot of garbage, Goodwill and cleaning to do.  Hubs took a first stab at the yard and Grandpa and I tackled the inside.

14 contractor garbage bags later we called it a day.  Grandpa was my inspiration today to look forward, not hold on to things and just remember the good memories.  Once home to my own house tonight, I marched right into the hall closet and cleaned out 3 junk bins.  Old things I thought were keepsakes.  They were just space hoarders.  Grandpa taught me today that it is ok to LET IT GO.  While we have much more work to do, it was a great first step.

Hope you embark on your own organization goals in 2012.


Power of Paint: Craft Room

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  Hubs and I spent the first part of the week enjoying some R&R in Philadelphia.  A few days away, eating great food, shopping and spending some quality time together was a perfect start to a very busy holiday weekend.  We stayed at the Hotel Palomar right near Rittenhouse Square...I highly recommend.  It was my best experience staying at a hotel, ever.  The rooms were extremely clean, modern and very stylish.  The staff was exceptional and the food was delicious.

So I have a huge problem of starting a project right when I have a thousand other things to do. I decided I wanted to redo my craft/sewing space.  I purchased a stencil, slapped some white paint on the walls and decided to give the stenciling a whirl.  Here is what happened.


I loved it.  I hated it.  I was torn what to do next.  I took a night of rest and decided I had a love hate relationship with how it turned out.

I loved the stencil.  I loved the effect of wallpaper it gave.  While it wasn't exactly easy to do, it wasn't nearly as hard as hanging wallpaper.

I hated the yellow.  I thought the other walls were too blah in the rest of the room.  The new white IKEA Expedit shelving just didn't look great against it.  The yellow cast a dreary color on the shelving, in all kinds of light.

In a fit of flurry, I busted out my trusty sage colored paint (used in the Laundry Room and Bathroom) and rolled right over that lovely stenciling.  I was anxious, but when I stood back,  I knew I was back in love with the room.

Right now I am in the middle of painting all the walls and assembling the last shelving unit. Check back to see how it turns out.  AND...I have high hopes to stencil again, but with a much more muted paint pallet.


Music Studio: Sound Treatment

Ok, this is a little bit of change from what I typically blog about, but I just have to share. Mainly because I think it is starting to look awesome and there just isn't a lot of inspiration when you Google the web.

Hubs is doing a little bit (ok, a lot of) sound treating to his basement studio.  You see, he's a musician.  When he comes home from cutting down really big, humongous, scary, I tell him to be careful type of trees every day, he putters away at making music in his man cave.

It was about time that he kicked things up a notch and treated the space.
What did that entail?  Well, for one, he is a research-aholic, so he found that Aurlex would give him a mock up of what it would take to treat his room and what materials it would require.

After a few weeks of working it out, all the material arrived.
To say I was less than thrilled is an understatement...just because the material was ugly, boring, and I can't believe this is what all the fuss was about.

Hubs was right there with me and had all these ideas of what to do to make the material not look so blah.
He has great vision, but I on the other hand, need to see the end result.

After a lot of testing and trial and error, he found the perfect paint to cover the plastic T fusers. It's a coppery brown that does add a bit of space age feel to the room, but I think they look night and day better than the blah white they came in.

Each one did take a whole can of spray paint to cover, but I think it was totally worth it.  So for all you music makers out there, stay tuned...
More to follow on the studio soundproofing.  A month long project with a lot of DIY!