Sewing Room: Inspiration

All this sewing I have been doing has me craving an organized space.  
Take a look at these fabulous rooms.

I don't have a fabric stash like this, but I am loving this ironing table.  
What a great space to spread out the goods and iron away.

Share me some Expedit love.  I am seriously considering hopping in my car and loading these bad boys up.

Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest


  1. I wish I could sew. I should...I love fabrics. These are beautiful and very functional spaces. That's also a cool looking iron!


  2. Wow! Those are some beautiful spaces! =) I love all the organization.

  3. I'd LOVE a giant fabric collection like that! But I can guarantee it would NOT be that organized. :) Great inspiration though!

  4. im going to wait and get mine after xmas now so ive got somewhere to put my tree, dont know where it will go next yeart though lol x

  5. Gotta love the Expedit. Seems perfect for craft organization!

  6. Great images! Love all the shelves. We had a wall of shelves in our office, but we just moved. I miss them already! Thanks for coming by my blog the other day!

  7. Is there anything better than a wall full of Expedits? They do SO much and look so good in any function/style of room.