Sewing: Box Cushions

I have been heads down learning how to sew box cushions for a rattan set that I picked up off Craigslist.  It has been fun.  It has been frustrating.  I have had "ah hah" moments and moments that I wanted to chuck it all in the garbage.

I ended up getting a new sewing machine and I've asked myself why I didn't do that sooner.  It is as smooth as butter and has a gazillion things it can do.  Absolutely Love It!

I've referred to this post at Sew Mama Sew about 100 times this weekend while I learned how to make piping  (so much easier than how I used to do it), insert a zipper (woohoo) and fit the box cushion.

I am going back to my hole to sew some more...
Here is a little inspiration while I get the nerve to share my goods and share my trials. Talk to you later.

Source: hgtv.com via Casey on Pinterest


  1. So excited to see these CUSHIONS! Sew mama sew!!

  2. I hope you share! A zipper is the next thing I am going to learn, hopefully after that a whole new sewing world will open up to me!

  3. That's so cool that you are making cushions! I can barely sew anything so that's quite an accomplishment!