Sewing: Box Cushions with Zippers

Here are some in progress shots of my madness.  The room is an absolute mess, but it seems like every room in my house this week is a mess.  Does that happen to you?  You just walk around the laundry baskets, push the papers around the desk, don't feel like putting away the crock pot that has been cleaned on the counter for days?  It is one of those weeks.  I think it's the daylight savings...threw me all off and put me into hibernation mode.  Dark out at 5pm...totally throws my world off and I want to crawl into bed.

You can spy the fabric combos that I am using.  Plan is to cover the couch in the green with yellow and turquoise accents. I want to cover the chairs in the bolder prints.

I am still tweaking the cushions a I want to get rid of that ripple in the middle.  I am going to see once I sew the bottom panel if the cushion tightens up or if I need to add batting or maybe even alter my seam allowance.


  1. I love the green and yellow color combo -- so cheerful and fun.

  2. I don't know how many times I looked at that post title and thought, Why does anyone need covers for their sewing box?

    Is there anything you can't do?

  3. sewing slipcovers always means the house is a disaster. I think it's a Law of Sewing.