Painting a Desk

Today has been one of those two step forward and two steps back kinda of days.  I actually feel like it has been that kind of week.  But hey Enjoy Life, right?

I've been working on this desk for months.  My husband and I swapped desks and I knew I wanted to paint this one.  I had intentions of distressing it and putting on some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I may be the only one in blog land that doesn't LOVE this paint.  I mean I like it...I can envision it on some great pieces of furniture, but I just didn't like it on this desk.  I tried to distress the heck out of it thinking I may like it more.  Instead it just looked beat up.

So anyway, after I picked up my rattan set and knew I was going for a fun, bold color type of room, I decided to scratch the Annie Sloan Paint and go all out color and gloss.  Hubs encouraged me to go for it.

Two cans of white spray primer.  I used what I had, either from Depot or Lowes.

 Primer over the chalk paint.  I then spray painted the legs in White Gloss.  The desk top I wanted to be bold.  I toyed with yellow or turquoise and this is what won.  Of course, you know there is always some drama, I only had one can of my favorite Bahamas Sea.  I thought no problem, coat it up and go pick up some more.  Do you know I can't find it ANYWHERE?
So, I ended up getting a quart of semigloss mixed up as a close match in Home Depot.  One coat went on today and I'll see how it looks with another coat tomorrow.  Oh the drama....and P.S. I spent most of tonight fitting my box cushion and then using my seam ripper to tear it up.  I decided I wanted a snugger fit, so I am adjusting my seam allowance.  I'll share how I figured out what 5/8 vs. 1/2 means....


  1. I love that desk! The color is so pretty and the lines are great on that piece. Sorry you had trouble finding your paint color though, that's a bummer. But it looks gorgeous so far. =)

  2. I'm feeling your pain! Some bloggers whip up repainted furniture pieces like it only takes five minutes, but it is a LOT of work! Good luck! :)

  3. I'm glad you went with the bright blue!