Painting a Desk- Disaster

What happened?
I think it could have been a couple of things.
Cheap spray primer over the chalk paint.
Damp drying conditions.
Bad luck.
Testing my faith in painting furniture.

I went to lightly sand to apply a second coat of the turquoise paint and it started peeling up in large chunks.
I then decided to just strip the top down and start over.
Here is the in process view of using the paint stripper and the many coats that came up.
If there is any silver lining in this debacle...I can smooth out some of the imperfections that I didn't care about before and add a coat of glossy paint back on.


  1. Wow, must have had a reaction. Looked interesting though! Hope all goes well,

  2. Oh no I am sorry you are having to deal with that! But I must say I love the idea of putting the paint stripper in a can, genius!

  3. I'm so sorry that happened! Hoping for you that it all turns out even better in the end though. =)

  4. I haven't been brave enough to strip a piece of furniture yet, but that doesn't look so bad. I bet it will turn out great in the end, even if it was a pain!

  5. Ugh. The worst! I always have bad luck with spray paint if there is ANY moisture in the air. It just doesn't set or something. You poor thing:(

  6. Must have been annoying! Hope things go better with your next try.